"Perky", the Fish Pinching Penguin is the 3rd short of the 19th episode of Tom & Jerry Kids. It aired on August 31, 1991 in the United States.


Jerry helps feed a starving Vaudeville penguin who escapes His underfeeding trainer by giving him Tom's recently caught fish.


At an amusement park, a penguin named Perky dances a jig after juggling 6 balls, and after taking a few bows to the audience, a cane pulls Perky offstage. after the show, Perky's animal trainer tells him that it's not Broadway, and that he will perform in a matter of minutes, and feeds him a small fish. Perky says he did 10 performances in one day, and wants to be fed more. Sadly, the trainer didn't comply and leaves. the poor penguin gripes that all he gets is the "business", not "show business" urging him to leave first chance he gets, but Perky falls face first after the cage door opened, (since the trainer didn't lock the cage) giving Perky a chance to escape the park.

As the sun rises at a shipyard, Perky, asleep in a boat's sail, wakes up to see an oceanliner (and Tom fishing) and a chest of fish, so Perky sneaks inside the boat and gets closer to the fish. As for Tom, reeling in a bite, reels in Jerry (as a bait) holding a big fish, the kitten takes the fish and unknowingly flings it in Perky's mouth. As Tom continues to use Jerry to Fish, a second fish was caught and unknowingly gets into Perky's mouth. The third time Jerry is flung into the water, he picks up a shark, whom attacks Tom. Jerry tries to make an escape, but was caught by Tom's reel, however, Jerry uses the reel to wrap an anchor, which forced Tom into the water. the shark attacked Tom, but escaped death by getting back on the oceanliner, but sees Perky relieving the chest of all the fish the kitten caught as the penguin danced off.

Perky, chased by Tom hides inside a Boat under a tarp meeting up with Jerry. as the chase around the oceanliner went on, Perky attacks Tom by using a spoon to hit a bell, (with Tom's Head inside) a steam whistle, and an anchor with a rope attached, with Tom going into the Water. The kitten yet again escapes the shark's jowls. In a kitchen, Tom cooks a few fish, but Perky gulps them down, So tom attaches a string around the fish's tail to flush out Perky and Jerry. The mouse and his penguin pal saw what Tom planned, so they got the fish and ran around the oceanliner, through windows, the stairs, and the oceanliner's Antenna as Tom tried to reel in his adversaries. As a result, Tom barefoot skied to a ramp and crashing into a stone lighthouse, which is later torn down.

Back in the ocean liner, Tom, tired from his ordeal, sees Perky dance a jig around the boat. Perky says that he and his cousins (who look exactly like him) are going home and leaves after the penguin throws a fish in Tom's mouth. Jerry then ends the cartoon by dancing a little jig behind Perky's Hat.