Tom adopts a tadpole for a pet, but has to release it when it becomes a froglet.


At a Campsite, Tom is fishing for some fish at a pond, while at the same time, Jerry and the Mouse Scouts are on an outing in the forest. Jerry sees Tom and motions the scouts to stop as They watch Tom fish. Tom then starts to get bored, but sees a tadpole being pestered by a few bigger tadpoles, Tom scares the bullying tadpoles away by waving His paw in the water, it scares the offending tadpoles away except for the bullied one, who swam into Tom's paw. Tom sees the tadpole and was about to place it back in the pond, but decided to adopt it. but went to a camp store to get a jar for a makeshift fish tank for the tadpole, then takes it home. Jerry surprised by what Tom did, quietly tells the Mouse Scouts to save the tadpole, thinking that Tom might eat it.

Little Tom and His Tadpole

At Tom's House, In the kitchen, Tom sets a pot of boiling water and pours a few lettuce leaves in it. after boiling the leaves, Tom chops up the leaves, and feeds it to the tadpole. Jerry arrives back with the Mouse Scouts as They see Him feeding the tadpole, thinking Tom is fattening Him up to be eaten. after the Tadpole eats some of the lettuce, It grows legs, surprising the Kitten. In Cindy-Lou's house, She sees a TV show about where to enjoy sunbathing, until She gets a Phone Call from Tom regarding the tadpole, which creeps out the girl kitten, but She comes to Tom's house to see the tadpole, She comes and She thinks its cute, but notices that the tadpole doesn't have a motherly figure. and wants in on watching over the tadpole. Tom happily complies, as Jerry tries to free the Tadpole. The tadpole turns down any help needed from the Mouse. as Cindy-Lou shooed away Jerry, making the mouse devastated that the tadpole claims Tom as its substitute Dad.

Some days later, The Tadpole is now a froglet, and wants more food, and as Tom continues to feed the froglet, Cindy-Lou reads the newspaper, and sees that owning a frog is illegal, and anyone with a frog, will spend a month in Jail. realizing at the same time that the Froglet is about to be ready for the outside world. Jerry getting bored from not being chased for some time, decided to get Cindy-Lou to chase Him. just as Jerry was about to stomp on the Girl kitten's tail, She grabs the Mouse and tells Him to help Her and Tom to get the Froglet to its home in the forest, without being seen by the police, they managed to sneak Their way to the campsite, where Tom first met the tadpole. as Tom places the tadpole back to the pond, a flash is seen, which is a camera flash from a camera set by the Mouse Scouts. Jerry tries to convince the scouts to get rid of the photo, but They refuse, that is until Cindy-Lou scares Them by telling them She'll hunt them down the second She is sent to jail. the Scouts scaredly give Cindy-Lou the photo and they run away, as She tears it up. Tom, Jerry, and Cindy-Lou tearfully wave goodbye to the Froglet as It swims off. Then Cindy-Lou talks to Tom about having Kittens of their own, since The they have experience of being parents.

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