Screwball gives Rumpley advice on trying to win the heart of a poodle.


In the coming of spring at the park, Dweeble looks at a picture of His girlfriend and leaves Rumpley in charge of the park, and keeping Screwball Squirrel in line. and as Rumpley watches over the park, He sees a pink poodle, and lovestruckingly melts partially into a yellow blob. however, the poodle refuses to have anything to do with Rumpley, by brushing Him off. then Screwball comes into the scene on a skateboard, sees Rumpley, and realizes that the dog's not chasing Him. so, He wear's a doctor's suit and with an X-ray, He sees Rumpley's heart beating a lot and makes the assumption that Rumpley's lovesick.

somewhere in the park, Rumpley picks a few violets, and offers His love for Her, and says the wrong things, like offering Her to see His used bubblegum collection shaped like the US presidents, but the poodle runs off in disdain. Screwball tells Rumpley He's got it wrong, and be suave, debonair, like Fred Astaire, Ricardo Montalban, and Elvis Presley. up a tree, Screwball tells Rumpley that girls like guys in a superhero costume, and advises the dog to swing down, grab Her in His arms, and swing to the horizon, but Rumpley misses, hits a tree, and lands in a dumpster, with a garbage truck picks up, with Rumpley inside and takes Him to the City Dump.

At the park fountain, Rumpley in a tango costume, is being advised by Screwball to tango into Her heart, as Screwball activates a stereo system playing tango music. as Rumpley successfully tangos with the poodle, but He accidentally tosses Her into the water fountain, the poodle screams for help as she can't swim. as Screwball advises Rumpley to save the poodle, Rumpley tells the squirrel that He like the Poodle, can't swim. but Screwball urges Rumpley to rescue Her, but hits His head hard on the fountain as He tried to dive in. later, as the poodle thanked Rumpley and try to revitalize Him for trying to save her, despite His dumb personality. as Rumpley and the poodle go out, Screwball up a tree, commends the dog for getting a girlfriend. but sees a girl squirrel, and becomes lovestruck with Her and tells Her that His sign is a traffic sign that says "Merging". as the girl squirrel holds a traffic sign that says "Dangerous Curves Ahead" and the both of them go toward a tree branch with lots of leaves as the Screen Irises out.


  • This episode marks one of the very few times Screwball helps Rumpley.


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