Tom buys an accordion for a chance to win a bit part in a pirate movie, but as He practices, He unknowingly annoys the town's residents with it, including Jerry.


Tom watches TV and learns that a movie crew will come to His neighborhood in 3 days and is looking for those who play the accordion. and after seeing said commercial, Tom leaves the house, leaving Jerry curious as the kitten goes to a Music shop and buys a Vintage Accordion worth $39.99. (it was $199.99, but the sounds it makes is very annoying.) back home, Tom plays "On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe" on the accordion on His way home at the park, but annoys the parkgoers, and disrupts a checkers game where the pieces are mixed up, and the losing competitor wins after jumping 8 of His opponent's pieces. and as Tom dances a little, He sees a few of the parkgoers approach, as one of them grabs the accordion away. and just as the parkgoer was about to smash it to pieces, Tom bites the parkgoer's arm, and grabs the Accordion away, as He escapes back home. but rather than lead an angry mob back home, where they can infiltrate His house, Tom leads the mob to a police station, where They were arrested for attempt of destroying Tom's property, which is the Accordion, as the kitten returns home safely.

after getting home safely, Tom practices His Accordion much to the annoyance of Jerry. at night, as Tom sleeps, Jerry attempts to smash the accordion with a hammer, but because Jerry's not strong enough to lift even a ball-peen hammer, He decides to use a blowtorch to melt the accordion, but just as the flame nears the accordion, the blowtorch is plug is pulled by Tom, and traps Jerry in a high box full of styrofoam peanuts, which He's enjoying. at 3 PM, Tom plays the accordion in the closet as He practices. but because the walls were made of wood, the soundwaves went through and reaches Spike and Tyke, which is annoying them to no end at night.

On the day of the Movie auditions, Tom participates and plays a part of "The Pastoral Symphony" and He is accepted to be on the movie as does 34 others. on the set Tom and 34 other animals play the Accordion, but realizes too late that He is to be selected to have a death scene. after being shot harmlessly at the shoulder, and falling from the crow's nest. two weeks later, Tom's scene won Him a "Smiling Reaper" Award, making Him famous, but made Him a laughingstock as Jerry saw on TV, Laughing. Tom embarassed from the Movie industry's cruel joke, gives away His accordion to Jerry, and plays the violin in hopes of getting a part in a symphony, as Jerry puts earplugs in His ears as He goes to sleep.

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