Amademouse is the fist segment in the sixth episode of the second season.


In the 18th Century, Tom tries to juggle between Playing the Piano for a King and keeping Jerry from messing Him up.


It's the 18th century court and we are introduced to the King's royal musician, Tom who colognes himself and sneezes. Before Tom even begins to play the piano, he hears another piano being played from a mouse hole and sees Jerry playing his piano, quite well, and blasts the mouse hole with some cologne causing Jerry to be sneezed out of his hole. Tom captures Jerry in a vase and throws him out the window. King Louis the Umpteenth, a pudgy and gluttonous king, appears and orders Tom to play and it better be good. as Tom plays, He accidentally hits a sour note. The King reacts, but the Kitten continues on as Jerry comes back inside, plinks on the Hign piano key repeatedly, making Tom chase after the Mouse. The King however grabs Tom and threatens Him with being replaced if he doesn't play well, Jerry hears this and pushes His tiny piano as the King forces Tom to play.

as Jerry's music makes the King react happily, Tom uses a music sheet to pull Jerry away in the closet. as Tom copies Jerry's style, Jerry goes inside Tom's piano and dances on the piano hammers, and as Tom pursues Jerry with a Mallet, He accidentally strikes the King's Foot making the King go to a Cabinet and scream heavily, as He comes out calmly but angrilly tells Tom to play nice. as Tom plays a few notes, He sees Jerry about to play, making Him sets his piano to auto play as He grabs a goldfish bowl, removing Goldy, and places the bowl over Jerry which there's no sound from Jerry's piano. Tom then rolls the bowl, with Jerry and His piano, down the castle stairs, Jerry gets out but His Piano was wrecked. but as Tom was about to continue playing, the King is not happy that Tom wasn't playing the piano for real, making Louis to put Tom inside the Piano. which plays the Blue Danube. the King then gives Tom one last chance to play, but threatens to execute Tom if He fails.

Jerry rides in on a bike with his piano and starts doing laps around Tom while playing music. The King sees this and is intrigued, but Tom chases with a Medieval Flail which grabs the King's Leg, causing a mess. As the King is about to let out His animosity on Tom, the kitten whispers to the King, suggesting a playoff to see who should be the court musician, with the loser boiled in oil. Tom and Jerry duel to the Hungarian Rhapsody with such intensity that the environment is in ruins. but the King applaunds the both of them, as Tom and Jerry bow, they became friends as we fade to black.


For the transcript of Amademouse, click here.


For the gallery of Amademouse, click here.


  • Second episode with one name. The other one is DroopyLand.

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