Jerry draws beautiful but insulting paintings of Tom, and the kitten wants to have revenge on him.


As morning comes in the backyard, Tom is about to wake up from his dream of hugging Cindy-Lou like a plush. Seeing this, Jerry laughs at Tom and quickly takes a picture of the kitten hugging his pillow, and runs to the mouse hole before Tom could even get out of his sleeping pillow. In the mouse hole, Jerry goes to his darkroom and develops the picture successfully. He leaves the darkroom, places the photo next to a blank canvas, and draws the aforementioned photograph. After completing his painting, he places it in his gallery of "Tom's Silly Moments on Paint", alongside Tom Dancing on a Barbecue and Tom as a Frozen Christmas Tree. As Jerry admires his works, he remembers the times he was chased to get those pictures. Tom's eyes sees what Jerry did and wants revenge and monetary compensation.

Jerry happily looks at his gallery, remembering the times of Tom's escapades and mishaps, including Tom Whacked by a Baseball in Fenway Park, A 3-D Tom Trapped in a Glass Pyramid at the Louvre, and Trick-or-Treaters Beating up Tom as a Piñata on Halloween. Jerry thinks that he could show up the paintings at a gallery show. So at night, Jerry packs up his paintings, while Tom is waiting for Jerry to come out of his mousehole. Unknown to Tom, however, Jerry leaves through an alternate exit, and runs to the Hemet Gallery Show. A few hours later, Jerry returns home, carrying a couple of checks totaling $28,000 ($1,000 for each painting he gave).

Tom, tired from watching Jerry's mousehole for hours, falls asleep. Jerry sees Tom sucking his thumb and looks at Tom's notepad, which says "Roast Jerry on a platter for taking pictures of me without permission". As Jerry is about to angrilly take a picture, he feels guilty, and places a gift box with a tag saying "As a token of compensation" on Tom's paw. Tom wakes up, sees the aforementioned gift box, and opens it, which contains a $14,000 check, making Tom shed tears of joy. In Jerry's mouse hole, Jerry watches on TV that his gallery became so popular, that his paintings were to be at the Smithsonian Institute. Jerry jumps up at his accomplishment, but falls on his head in pain. Tom, however takes a picture of Jerry's pain, and winks at the audience as the screen blacks out.

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