As the Cheese Turns is the fist segment in the first episode of the fourth season.


Jerry tries to Watch His Mouse-Themed Soap Opera "As the Cheese Turns" as Tom tries to Watch "9 Lives to Live", but the Mouse becomes enticed to an Adolescent Girl Mouse, but another Mouse tries to ruin everything.


In the Fourth Season Premiere Episode Begin at Tom's Yard, The Kitten Eats a Sandwich on a Lawn Chair as He watches a Cat-Themed Soap Opera Called "Nine Lives to Live", but Jerry on A Smaller Lawn Chair changes the Channel to a Mouse-Themed Soap Opera Called "As the Cheese Turns" with a Remote as He chews on a piece of cheese, causing Tom to Blow away Jerry with a Leaf Blower. afterwards, Tom goes back to watching His Show. In Retaliation for what Tom did to Him, Jerry Uses a Hose to Spray Tom while in is Lawn Chair, and lands inside a Tool Shed. and while Jerry Watches His Mouse-Themed Soap Opera Again, Tom in a Mobile Lawnmower, Mows Down Jerry's Lawn Chair and the Remote as He chases Jerry in the Yard, inside a Moving Truck, and ends with Tom crashing the Mower and into a Pool. Jerry laughs at this, but sees a Beautiful Adolescent Girl Mouse on a Swing. which gains His Attention and tries to greet Her with a Bouquet of Flowers after tightening His Bowtie and grooming His Hair, but an Adolescent Narcisstic Mouse Named Slick takes the Flowers from Jerry, and greets Her with them. but Begrudged at Slick's Arrogance, Jerry Pulls His Romantic Rival's Tail, grabs back the Flowers and greets the Girl with them. Slick Grabs Jerry by the Arm and tells Him to beat it.

Back in Tom's Yard, Tom continues to watch His Soap Opera as He eats Chocolates. Jerry in Love switches the Cart with the Chocolates Tom was eating, with a Barbeque with Charcoal. Tom Doesn't notice until He recognises the Chocolate shouldn't taste horrible. and as Jerry carries the Cart, Slick secretly takes away the Chocolates and offers the Girl to them. meanwhile, Jerry was chased by Tom again for the Charcoal Prank, but made it up a Mailbox and Taunts the Kitten to go into the Mailbox Slot. and as the Girl was choosing which Chocolate to eat first, Jerry ties Slick's Up with a Water Hose, as Jerry catches the Chocolates. as a Mailman was getting Mail, He inadvertently frees Tom, and the Kitten chases Jerry again, which ends with Jerry using a Rake whacking Tom at the Face. the Girl sees this and commends Jerry for His Bravery. Slick, however tries to match Jerry's Courage with Taunting the Kitten, as the Girl commends Slick as He grabs Tom by the Tail. Tom in His Anger attacks Slick with a Rake, but misses. Jerry dares Tom to cross a Line, which He does, and gets Whacked with the Rake, which the Girl Swoons at.

Tom, groggy from His ordeal, tries to sleep in His lawn chair as Jerry and the Girl climbs up a tree, with Slick bewildered. Jerry dives in a punch bowl as Tom wakes from having punch all over His face, with the Girl commends. as Jerry comes out, He sprays punch in Tom's face, but the Kitten uses a straw to suck up the punch with Jerry inside and spray Him out. Slick tries His luck to dive inside a glass of punch, which He does successfully, but spreads punch over Tom's head. Tom however, traps Slick and shakes Him up in the glass and throws Him out. the Girl, in sympathy, comes to Slick's aid as He can't take care of Himself like Jerry. the heartbroken Jerry leaves with some of His dignity, but His sorrow disappears when He meets another adolescent girl and goes jogging with Her as the screen fades to black.