The Babysitter
The babysitter, who is supposed to babysit the baby is preoccupied with talking on the telephone.

Appeared In

Tom, the Babysitter







Hair Color



Pigtails and Bangs

Skin Color

Light Tan

Eye Color

White Sclerae and Black Irises

The babysitter is an unnamed teenage human girl who appears in the episode "Tom, the Babysitter". In that episode, she is instructed to babysit the baby, but relies on the telephone for the rest of the time. She was voiced by Kath Soucie. 

Physical Appearance

The babysitter is a Caucasian human who is slim in size and approximately 65 inches tall. She has long ginger-orange hair that extends to her upper arms, and is tied into two pigtails by yellow hairbands, and has bangs across her forehead. Her skin a light tan color.


Babysitter with Hat

The babysitter with her hat at the beginning of the episode before she uses the telephone.

The babysitter's apparel consists of a dark turquoise blouse with yellow sleeves and a yellow collar, white pants, and teal-colored slip-on shoes with white soles. The two bands that hold her pigtails are yellow. Before she uses the phone, she briefly wore a teal-colored hat before doffing it from her head.


The babysitter, despite her job is negligent and relies on the telephone. Whenever Tom convinces her to do her job and stop talking on the phone, she takes his advice as an interruption to her phone chatting and answers him back by telling him to leave. She has also falsely accused him for taking the baby out of the crib, despite that the baby actually crawled out by himself which she didn't see happen but only noticed him crawling around. She then evicted Tom for the actions he didn't do, despite her negligence. She also defends the lines she crosses, just to avoid being caught.


The babysitter has many friends from school, but they are only mentioned during her telephone conversation. The person she talks to on the phone is Marcie. The people she mentioned include Gary, Nathan, Linda, Mark, Terry, Bruce, Aaron, and etc.


  • "Don't worry about the baby. I won't take my eyes off him."
  • "So, what did he say then, Marcie?"
  • "Are you serious? Are you serious? You're not serious?"
  • "GET LOST!"
  • "No, no, no. Not you, Marcie. This dumb cat.
  • "NO! FORGET IT!"
  • "I meant no to the cat. Yes to the prom."
  • "Does the word loser mean anything to you?"
  • "No, no, not Bruce. It's this ridiculous cat."
  • "Who told you to take the baby out of his crib? One more stunt like that and you're out of here!"
  • "Don't worry. That nasty cat will not bother you again."
  • "Oh, no, Ma'am."


Babysitter Incorrect Blouse Color

The babysitter with her blouse completely turquoise. A notable mistake by the animators.

  • When the babysitter first appears, her blouse is completely turquoise, but the sleeves and collar change to yellow for the rest of the episode she appears in.
  • When the babysitter dials the number to call Marcie, clearly five digits are being heard and pressed with her index finger, and then she starts the conversation. However, calls are only completed if seven digits are dialed for local calls; and on the other hand, pressing 1 and then the three digit area code is required first for distant calls.
  • The babysitter's lips shift style in between animations:  single lined to double-lined where she looks as if she had on lipstick and vice-versa, but never wore lipstick at all.
  • The number of fingers on her hands also shift between animations: three fingers to four fingers and vice-versa.
  • Many fans believe that the babysitter is based on Jeannie from the classic Tom and Jerry short, as both seems to be both good babysitters who promised to watch over the baby but as soon as the parents leave They Run to the phone and call their friend. Both are also unaware of the babies action and blames Tom when they believe he took the baby off the crib.