Karl brings Lucy to a Water Balloon War in the Neighborhood. which was a huge mistake...


Karl wakes up from His alley and encounters Lucy exiting a movie theater, bored. Karl comes to Lucy and asks Why She's depressed. Lucy said that She's bored out of Her skull, making Karl think of something, and asks Her on a War Game which involves Water balloons in the city park. Lucy thought of turning it down, but when She learned that Karl said War, She comes along. at the Park, just as the war was about to start, Karl and Lucy participate, and the both of them wear Green Shirts. as the Puppies wear Blue. the war lasted until Dusk with the Cats winning. as the participants leave for home, Karl and Lucy say Their farewells.

The Next day, however, as Karl was eating out of the trash bins, He sees a discarded newspaper that featured Lucy causing Chaos at the park, throwing water balloons at visitors. and when Karl learns that the police are on their way to arrest Lucy, He tries to stall the police by tearing down power poles in the roads. and getting Lucy to calm down and leave the park before police arrived. Lucy didn't believe at first, but when the Police arrived, Lucy complies and runs with Karl as They escaped punishment and escaped into the forest. three days later, as Lucy thanks Karl for saving Her from going to Jail, They see another water balloon reenactment, but Karl sees a guy putting up a poster with Lucy's face, with words saying "Do not allow on Premises". Karl sneaks and Tears off the poster, and claws it to pieces. the guy however spots Karl tearing up the poster and chases Him, but Lucy trips up the guy, and screams for a nearby Animal Activist to make a citizen's arrest against the guy for animal cruelty. the guy is beaten up and Lucy thanks Karl for giving Her a great time and giving Her a second chance to enjoy another water balloon reenactment by Kissing Him.

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