Spike and Tyke chase a Fervent Beaver named Boomer who is removing all the Wood from The Bulldogs' Cabin.


In a Forest with the Trees around a Cabin chopped down, We see Spike completing Construction of said Cabin as Tyke reads a Book Spike asks Tyke what He's reading. Tyke testified that the Forests need to have new Trees to help save the environment, sadly, Spike didn't understand. in another part of the Forest, a Beaver named Boomer comes out of a Creek, and selects a spot for His Dam. as He tries to find Wood, He sees that the Trees were Chopped down and a Cabin is Located here. Angered of this, Boomer Bangs on the Cabin Door Berating the Bulldogs for destroying a part of the forest and demanding lumber for His Dam. Spike insults the Beaver telling Him to build a Dam with Cement Blocks.

Tyke goes into sorrow because His Dad chopped down the forest, then Boomer attacks Spike by sawing a Hole on the Cabin's Floor, causing a Steamed Spike to Chase Him through the Cabin's Chimney, stuck. then Boomer Chews the Wood around the Chimney's Smokestack, causing it and Spike to fall down. as Boomer continues to abscond the wood from the Cabin, Spike attempts to Capture Him as Boomer takes the Front Door. using a Tree branch as a Catapult, Boomer slingshots the Front Door at Spike, Flattening Him. as Boomer continued His Business carrying a Log, He sees Spike approaching and Runs off. Spike seeing a Wood Pile flings a Log at Boomer but rides on said log like a Surfboard and turns the Log into a Boomerang back at Spike who hides in a Barrel, but .was whacked on the back of the head. as Spike was back on His Feet, Boomer gnaws the front wall of the Cabin, causing it to land harmlessly around Spike. then Boomer pushes a Piano, Flattening Spike. Tyke tries to tell His Dad to leave the Beaver alone, but Spike won't let up, so He gets a Ladder to climb up the Roof, angering Boomer, because He saw that the Ladder was made of Tree Branches. the Beaver than Gnaws the Steps, forcing Spike to use the Ladder as Stilts. Boomer Maliciously places a Skate under the Ladder's Leg, making Spike go out of control which ends with Spike crashing into the Front Porch. Boomer in a final humiliation against Spike relieves the Cabin of all the Furniture and Wood. (Except the Roof which lands on Spike's Head) Defeated, Spike surrenders to Boomer.

With the dam's Completion, (with the Cabin's remains and furniture) Tyke praised His Dad for letting Boomer complete His Dam. Boomer thanks Spike n Tyke, as does His 2 Children. (One Boy, One Girl) Spike apologizes to Boomer for being Selfish over the Wood, learning how being a Good Dad really is and providing a Home for them. Tyke then replies that Every Home should have a Dad as He Hugs Spike.


  • this episode is the only Cartoon featuring Boomer Beaver.