Tom is forced to deal with a bully, in the form of a girl kitten named Cecile, and since Tom can't strike a girl, how can she defeat her?


As the story began, Tom chases Jerry in the backyard, he stops when Jerry halts Him, just to stomp on His foot, harming Him, but when Jerry escapes under the fence door, He screams of anguish, as Tom looks up and sees a kitten wearing a silly mask, shaking up Jerry like a hand bell, horrifying Tom. the Kitten then has Her attention on Tom, who tries to hide, but the Kitten approaches Him, demanding $200 for capturing Jerry. Tom wouldn't pay, and just as He was about to claw the kitten, the Kitten removes the mask to reveal that the kitten is a girl, and Tom retracts His claw, since it's against His nature to strike a girl. the girl kitten places the mouse In Her shirt pocket, and introduces Herself as Cecile, who demands money for Her services, or any victims who won't pay gets a physical punishment. Tom attempts to run away, and got to Spike and Tyke's Yard. He sees the pair asleep. Tom then places an alarm clock and bolts, once Cecile appears, Tom activates the clock, rudely waking up Spike and Tyke, and just as Spike was about to teach Cecile a lesson for waking Him up, the Girl Kitten bites Spike's index finger, and brutally attacks Him. and in the confusion, Jerry gets out of Cecile's Coat pocket and runs for dear life. Tom, seeing what Cecile was capable of motions Tyke to run away with His Dad, and He did. as Tom ran away. as Tom continued to run, He accidentally bumps into Cindy-Lou, and helps Her up, gives Her a piece of paper, then runs into the sewer, with Cecile going after Him, leaving Cindy-Lou confused. then, She read the paper Tom gave Her which was His Last Will and Testament, leaving Her worried.

In the sewer, thinking He's in the clear, Tom's relief turns to shock when He encounters Cecile again who still wants to give Tom His Physical Punishment. Tom, desperate to escape breaks through the sewer ceiling under His yard. and hides in His house, fortifying the house with Jerry's unseen help. In another part of Town, Cecile boasts Her experience to Her three fellow scam artists about Tom who is avoiding Her at all times. and She has Them locate Tom and bring Him to Her. Cindy-Lou who was walking to a store listens in on the conversation, and runs off to assist Tom somehow. as Tom continues to fortify His house, He reads a book called "How to deal with a girl without harming Her". There was only one option, which was "Do not Harm Her, but do not run away unless You're threatened with Lethal force." One of the kittens in Cecile's gang locates Tom through the window and calls for Cecile to come to the house. Cecile, However, decides that She'll deal with Tom, Tomorrow at Noon. and for the Hench-Kitten is to arrange a fight publicly, with admission prices. with three of the Hench-Kittens placing posters all over town. Jerry from the shadows grabs one of the posters and runs to Tom, to warn Him, but had to use His mouse hole entrance since He can't get in the house's front door, because the house is fortified. Jerry gets the poster to Tom. who has become desperate and bursts into tears as He cries Himself to sleep.

Tomorrow came and in Tom's Backyard at 11:45, Cecile's Hench-Kittens are building a makeshift wrestling ring, as Cecile herself goes down a chimney and is covered in soot. so, she takes a quick shower, and finds Tom asleep in His bed. Cecile then drags Tom to the ring, and Tom is woken up by the crowd. Tom disoriented, because He was abruptly woken up, sees Cecile, tried to run away, but can't since Cecile's Hench-Kittens got inside the house and locked Him out but when They see Jerry, They go after Him. with no choice, Tom stays still, as Cecile begins to taunt Tom, and throws punches at Him. and since Tom won't back down, Tyke decides to stop the fight, Cecile refused to listen, was about to finish off Tom, but, Her claw was stopped by Cindy-Lou, who warns Her that if Cecile harms Tom in any way again, She'll get brutally beaten, as Cindy-Lou Punches out Cecile into a dog catcher's van. The Hench-Kittens break through front door and run away from Jerry, who is more than they could handle, but go after the Van that Cecile is in. and as the confetti fell, Tom curtsies to Cindy-Lou, making Her laugh and She kisses Tom as Jerry takes a picture of the kiss. the screen irises out, but We iris in on Spike who is still reeling from His beating from Cecile as He hugs Tyke like a teddy bear and tells Him to protect His father. the screen blacks out as Tyke tells Him that Cecile is the Pound, making Him sigh of relief.


Cecile: OK, Tommy. If you won't budge, I'll make you cry. (raises her paw about to claw Tom who flinches, but Cindy-Lou grabs her paw)

Cindy-Lou: But you'll receive much worse from me.

Cecile: Who are you and what do you care? (Tom reacts and sees Cindy-Lou stop Cecile)

Cindy-Lou: Let me tell you one thing and one thing only. If You hurt Tommy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, or spiritually, That wil happen to You! (Attacks Cecile in a cloud of dust, and Cecile is Punched out and sent inside a dog catcher's truck.)

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