Tom builds an Obstacle Course of His design to train himself to capture Jerry, but He didn't count on the neighborhood kids and Jerry wanting in on the fun.


Tom, tired from chasing Jerry all over the house, tries to rest outside in the backyard, and while watching TV, He sees a Cat go through grueling Obstalces like the fence climb, and the 100-tire run, which makes Tom think that if He made obstacles of His own design and take this kind of challenge, He'd have enough stamina and strength to capture Jerry. so He decides to go to a hardware store to buy a lot of Lumber, a junkyard to get some tires, and some other things. after returning home, Tom builds the first obstacle for His custom-designed Obstacle Course, in the form of the 15-Tire Run as Jerry looks outside and wonders what Tom's building. in His thoughts, He thinks it's a fortress. One Week Later, Tom completes the Course with plenty of obstacles,

1. Sand trike, (Competitor must ride on a Trike on a 20 foot-wide track)

2. The 15-Tire Run, (Competitor must jump into 15 tires in different colors)

3. The Tree Climb, (Competitor must climb A Tree using a few wood planks on it)

4. The not-so-high Splashdown, (Competitor must slide down a Cylinder while leads to the pool)

5. The Log Swim Over and Under (6 Logs in the pool, where the Competitor must Climb over and swim under in a pattern)

6. The Running Jump (After getting out of the pool, the Competitor must run on A slowly inclining Platform which ends at a Trampoline and jump up on the next obstacle.)

7. The Rope Climb (a Cargo net where the Competitor must climb up.) 

8. Luck Junctions (Competitor must put on helmets and pads, and then walk a Green grid of paths changing at each junction to determine which Path He/She Will Go. four paths lead to a mud pit, signifying that He/She must start the obstacle over again until taking the path leading to the next obstacle)

9. Backward Conveyor (Competitor must runs through a Conveyor Belt going the opposite direction He/She is going which will slow down every 10 seconds You don't make to the end.)

10. Trick Tac Toe (Competitor must throw small sandbags at a grid until a line is made it can be Vertical, Horizontal, or Diagonally.)

11. Prison Fence Break (Competitor must use climb a Six foot tall metal fence.)

12. Boa or Bouquet (Competitor must open 25 plastic cans, until a bouquet pops out signifying Him/Her to go on, as all the other cans contain plastic snakes)

13. Under Locker and no Key (Competitor must open lockers 100 in all until He or She opens a locker that contains a sign that says "STOP!" to halt the Time.)

After completing the final touches on the obstacle course, Tom goes to sleep to be ready for tomorrow.

Morning came, and just as Tom was ready to try the obstacle course, He becomes surprised that there's a crowd of Kittens, Pups, and some cameos of Cooler and Nose Marie of the 86' Pound Puppies, Droopy and Dripple, Spike and Tyke and a few others wanting to try the obstacle course as Jerry was about to start on the course. Tom goes after Him on the course as the crowd looks on with awe. at the Eighth obstacle Jerry goes on a path as Tom goes a different path in hopes of cutting Jerry off. Jerry goes through the Alpha Door as Tom goes into the Beta Door as both Their time is at a minute, 27 seconds. The Crowd looks on at the Two as They complete the course. both at 2 minutes, 31 seconds, after Tom grabs Jerry. the Crowd cheers for the Pair completing the course. and Tom wanting to be sporting, wants to shake hands with Jerry. as they let the crowd try Their luck at the course. but Their joy was short-lived when a distracted Bus driver crashed into Tom's Yard, damaging the Course. the crowd are furious that a part of the course is destroyed and most of the crowd was injured and Chase the Driver as Tom and Jerry wave. inside the house, Tom jumps over the books as makeshift hurdles and Jerry uses a glass as a makeshift hamster wheel for fun. and ends with Jerry winking as the Screen blacks out.

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