McWolf tries to sabotage the now-popular "Droop & Drip Car Wash", which is owned by Droopy and Dripple, so his car wash, the "McWolf's McWash", will be popular once again.


The Droop & Drip Car Wash opens up, showing a banner lighted up with light bulbs reading "DROOP & DRIP CAR WASH, OVER THREE MILLION CLEANED", and next to it, a dirty, gray car is being cleaned by gigantic machines. Droopy and Dripple appear, advertising the car wash. A line of cars head to the car wash in a long line, guided by Droopy. Dripple is the cashier, which is his favorite job because of the large amount of money he receives. A yellow car is shown being washed in this machine-controlled car wash.

Droopy then walks over to his son, just to know how he's doing. Dripple then explains that they are going to gain a lot of money: a million dollars. What they do not realize is that their archenemy, McWolf, is overhearing their conversation. He spurts out a lot of coins from his mouth in hearing about such a large amount of money.

He then pulls back from the popular car wash to his own car wash, the McWolf's McWash. He argues angrily about how his car wash was once popular (yet washing only one car over his whole car washing career), until the Droop & Drip Car Wash opened. A sleek crimson car drives into the once-popular car wash, making McWolf overjoyed, thinking that he earned another customer. He greets the car and blabbers about his offer of a super-saver special costing only $99.99. The car window rolls down, revealing a redheaded girl, and introduces herself as Sudsy Vavoom. Because of her beauty, McWolf bargains about his special, lowering the price all the way down to free. Vavoom then reveals she was actually looking for directions to the Droop & Drip Car Wash. This angers McWolf, and argues to Vavoom that the father-and-son pair must not be hearing her right, only for him to get run over by Vavoom's car.

McWolf then shouts to himself that the two dogs stole his business. He then promises that if one more person asks for directions to the popular car wash, he will do something. But before he can finish his sentence, a truck driver bumps into McWolf and then asks for directions to the aforementioned car wash, and McWolf responds by pointing his hand to the right. The truck driver leaves, leaving McWolf in a large smoke of car exhaust. After the smoke clears, he thinks that the people are sending him for a gag, and runs over to a front yard of a house that bears a resemblance to Tom's yellow house, and says to himself that he's out of the way, but this is proven wrong as many trucks run over him.

The scene then cuts to the Droop & Drip Car Wash, where Droopy is guiding the cars to the car wash. The same, sleek, crimson car cuts the line (a driver is heard shouting, "Hey! Wait your turn!"), and Droopy knocks on the car window, telling the driver inside to go to the back of the line. The car window rolls down, and Miss Vavoom replies telling where that is, making Droopy blush. He runs to a machine and pulls a lever, making all the cars advance in a very fast manner. Droopy then tells that it is the back of the line. Dripple tells the audience that his dad is good at running a car wash business. Vavoom picks up Droopy, and comments that he is the most adorable that she ever met, and then puts Droopy down. Droopy sighs, saying that this is the simple life in the car was world.

A fortune teller than appears, and asks Vavoom if she would like to tell her fortunes told. Vavoom says yes, but before she would finish her sentence, the fortune teller tells her that a tall, dark, handsome man (she once told that it was a wolf) is going to enter her life. Then she picks up Vavoom, mummifies her, and drives off into her car.

In her car, McWolf tells the mummified Vavoom that if she was around, then everyone will stop bluffing about the McWolf's McWash, and it will be number-one again. After stopping at the broken-down car wash, McWolf gets out of the car, puts the mummified Vavoom on the ground, and unravels her, but it was actually Droopy and Dripple inside, the son on his father's hands, and Droopy tells McWolf that he is in the losing team. This made McWolf spurt out his body parts on his face (even his teeth and tongue), and break himself, with the exception of his eyes, eyebrows, and nose, into a thousand pieces.

Inside Vavoom's car, Vavoom congratulates the father-and-son pair for saving them, and Dripple replies that McWolf is "a rotten, mean, evil, vile, despicable bad guy". The scene then switches to a large bus being driven over an intersection, and McWolf reveals himself to be the driver, saying that the bus is of good quality. He reveals that he is doing this because if he cannot wash Vavoom's car, then he will make sure that Droopy and Dripple cannot as well.

Droopy is happily driving when he comes to a detour sign. He follows that sign, only to find the same large bus, and tries to avoid that obstacle by obtaining a ramp from the car itself. It went well, but McWolf tries to stop them further again by using a helicopter to pick up the car. But his scheme is short lived when Droopy tries to cut the wings off the helicopter. He reveals that car washing was his day job, and he is skilled at many things. After successfully cutting the wings off McWolf's helicopter, McWolf plummets to the ground, but Droopy escapes by using a parachute.

Thanks to Droopy and Dripple, Vavoom's car is successfully washed. Vavoom rewards them by kissing them on the cheek, making their faces turn red. Droopy then thinks that McWolf is all washed up, but McWolf comes to prove that it's wrong, and demands Droopy to wash the helicopter. Droopy agrees, and a gigantic claw pulls McWolf inside, causing him to be washed up for good. Droopy and Dripple then giggle at their successful act.


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