(Scene opens up at a carwash that reads, "DROOP & DRIP CAR WASH, OVER THREE MILLION CLEANED", with light bulbs around it blinking on and off. It then pans to a gray car being cleaned by two gigantic hands that later turn into three gigantic fans. They eventually stop, and Droopy appears on the screen.)

Droopy: Is your car icky, yucky, filthy, and P.U.?

(Dripple appears on the screen)

Dripple: Then the Droop & Drip Car Wash is just the thing for you!

(Scene switches to a long line of cars waiting outside the car wash)

Droopy: That's it, fellas. Keep it moving, keep it moving!

(Dripple is seen working the cashier. People pass by and pay Dripple the money. The numbers in the cashier go from $0.50 to $3.50 to $7.50.)

Dripple: This is the part I love.

(A yellow car comes into the car wash. The car wash fills up with water, the car spins around, reshapes, gets dried, and comes out sparkly clean. Church bells play. Scene cuts to Droopy at the entrance of the car wash.)

Droopy: Tired of your dirty car? Wanna see it clean? Come on over to the Droop & Drip. We're the best you've ever seen. (signals car) Next! (he walks over to see Dripple working out the cashier) How you doing son?

(McWolf appears onscreen)

Dripple: Looks like we're gonna make a lot of money to get, papa.

(Scene switches to a large amount of money in Dripple's cashier)

Droopy: Yeah. A million dollars. (McWolf pinches his chin excitedly) Give or take a few thousand.

(McWolf spurts out a lot of coins. His eyes are replaced with dollar signs. He then pulls back from the car wash.)