Tim, who thinks Trista rejected him, participates in a cat show to find a new potential girlfriend.


As he finishes up with sewing a pillow for Trista, Tim makes his way to Trista's house, but as he approaches the house, Trista tells him that an event has came up and must leave town for some time, but she tells him that she'll explain everything once she returns home, making Tim think that Trista rejected him, and goes into a slump. One day later, Tim reads a newspaper that says that today is the second day of the cat show, and the winning kitten will not only win first prize but also win a kiss from Yesterday's cat show Winner, which is a girl cat making him determined to get to the cat show.

At noon, just as the contestants are about to enter the show, Tim goes inside dressed as a judge, and checks the female competitors. One was too relaxed, one was too zoned out, and one enjoyed playing with a mechanical mouse, making him panic. Tim almost left the room, but he encounters a grayish kitten on top of a yellow platform, who looks a lot like Trista, except her fur is all gray and her tail is bristly. Tim asks the kitten if she's ever heard of Trista, but the kitten shakes her head, making Tim leave the room. Just as he was about to participate in the show, Tim is caught by a security guard, but when Tim sees the same mechanical mouse in front of him, Tim goes crazy, and flails out of the guard's grip, and knocks him out cold. Tim tries to recover and takes a box next to the grayish kitten, who gets her attention and wanting to see how Tim will fare.

As Tim, or Number 284, performs for the judges, he runs all over the stage after seeing that certain mouse at a high speed, and after the mouse left the show through a mouse hole, Tim returns to his box and is given high marks for setting a new record for running fast running from a mouse by 6 mph, which also makes him the winner of the cat show. He also earned a kiss from Yesterday's Show, the grayish kitten, who kisses Tim passionately, but makes Tim worried. After the show, the kitten asked Tim why he wasn't happy with winning the cat show, and Tim answered that it wasn't the same without Trista. The grayish kitten feels his pain, and reveals herself as Trista, after removing the gray dirt off her fur. She also explained that the reason she went was that she was to be summoned at the cat show to come as a spectator and was ready to use a set of wax lips, in the event that she had to kiss the winning cat if the winner was male. After everything was cleared up, Trista takes Tim inside her house so they can dance the tango as night falls...


  • (At a bus stop, Tim is reading a newspaper.)
Tim: Hmm. "Bull Barred from Barcelona for Bullying Bullfighters Brutally". Hey. "Cats will participate in the second day of this year's cat show and feline fair, and the winner will win a kiss from Yesterday's winner. (sighs) I only wish I won a kiss from Trista. Well, I guess I could see what's what. (walks off)

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