Catawumpus Cat
Season 3, Episode 1, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Sandy Fries


Indian Tom tries to become a catawumpus warrior by capturing Wild Mouse for His tribe.


Tom, who runs like the wind and falls flat on his face, a rookie in the cat tribe called Catawumpus, is called by the elders for his initiation into manhood of being a Catawumpus Warrior. His mission is to catch Wild Mouse, the wraith of the forest. Before the elders send him, they dress Tom up in a ridiculous outfit, including a necklace, an oversized headress, a frightening mask, and grizzly bear feet that has meaning to warrior hood. Tom then falls on his face like his name suggests, which the chief becomes forlorn, thinking Tom might not succeed.

Tom, now in the forest is about to snack on a sandwich when Wild Mouse shows up and eats Tom's food. Tom builds a trap consisting of a large tree trunk, being held up by a twig, attached to a thread. with a sandwich as bait. Wild Mouse eats the sandwich, but Tom can't spring the trap, resulting in Tom forced to hold up the tree as he sinks down in the dirt. Once Tom recovers, he begins tracking Wild Mouse through the forest, which he splits in half, but ends up following a trail right over a cliff.

Failing all the ancient Catawumpus Indian mouse catching, Tom resorts to the mouse-trap tepee, which is difficult for Tom to build, but gets it complete. Tom sets up signs to lure Wild Mouse, using a rock as a hammer. When Tom thinks he caught the Mouse, he wraps the tepee with rope, chains, and a bow. When Tom sees Wild Mouse, however, in his surprise, he ends up catching and angering a bear, who mauls Tom. Tom runs for his life. On the bottom of the mountain, as Wild Mouse gobbles on a fruit shrub, Tom, using his finger flicks a boulder down towards Wild Mouse, but the mouse gnaws a tree branch into a baseball bat and whacks the boulder back at Tom, who wears an umpire's mask, and baseball glove. It misses, but ends up bouncing on Tom, crushing him.

Later, Tom in camouflage amongst the buffalo, approaches Wild Mouse, who breaks a twig like a toothpick, spooking the buffalo to stampede and chase Tom back to the chief and another Indian, crushing them. After his repeated failures, Tom is sent to the wilderness to live with the wild animals, though it seems Tom got the better end of the deal as all the wild animals are sitting together enjoying a spot of tea, Wild Mouse becomes friends with Tom as the screen fades to black.