During another episode of Tom and Jerry's chases, the pair are on a circus' hot-air balloon which crash-lands on an island home to a game hunter and his gorilla assistant.


Our story begins at a circus where Jerry goes into a hole in the fence. as Tom looks for Jerry, the mouse pulls one of the Kitten's sensitive whiskers, and runs away. as the chase went on, Jerry goes into a hot air balloon, as Tom does the same. Tom grabs Jerry, however as They both realize that the balloon They're in is floating away to sea. later, through cloudy skies and thunderstorms, the balloon is floating over an island owned by a game hunter named Sir Basil who spots the balloon as His gorilla assistant, Darwin uses a crossbow to puncture a hole at the balloon, successfully and captures the pair in a bird cage, earning Darwin a double ration of bananas.

In Basil's mansion, Basil tells Tom and Jerry about His previous preys, including a rhino (Basil's 560th hunt) the pair is also informed that they will be hunted by Sir Basil, Darwin says that If Tom (numbered 1508) and Jerry (numbered 1509) make it out of the jungle before Basil and Darwin catch them, Tom and Jerry will be free to go with the balloon repaired. but Basil says that if Tom and Jerry fail, They'll be in a crate and sent to Never Never Land. The hunt begins with Tom and Jerry being given a five second lead as Darwin drives a cart as Basil wondered what Tally-ho meant.

As the chase went on, Sir Basil does a practice round with his prized boomerang the fell the Loch Ness monster, druring mating season, of course it chased Darwin, as Basil went to look for Him. meanwhile, at a rope bridge where Tom and Jerry try to cross, Tom decides to shake the bridge up, unfortunately, while Tom was tormenting the mouse, Darwin lifts the bridge, surprising Tom, as Darwin uses His boomerang to cut the footbridge's bamboo, making Tom fall in the water, but climbed to the other side. as the chase continued, Basil decides that He's done playing with Tom and Jerry as He throws a South-American Bolo, (which is a rope tied to 2 separate rocks) at the pair along with tying up a sign that says "No Visitors". as Darwin gives His commisserations to the pair, Tom uses the sign to His advantage and whacks Darwin in the head with it. making Basil think His assistant needs a break.

During Basil and Darwin's tea break time, Tom (and Jerry freed from the bolo) Flings the bolo at Basil and Darwin, as the bolo whacks Their heads. Tom and Jerry, tiring in the marsh, find the Balloon, and run toward it, as Basil locates the pair heading for the balloon, His cart becomes a marsh boat to go after Tom and Jerry. after landing, Basil asks Darwin where He set the trap. Darwin said that it's next to the balloon as They ventured, Basil and Darwin are trapped in a cage as they floated along with Tom and Jerry in the Balloon. Tom then unties the rope that holds the trap, landing Them on a palmtree full of Bananas, as Tom and Jerry in The balloon floated away to the distance.

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    • Why would Tom n Jerry cage Basil and His gorilla and drop them back in the jungle, when They could have floated Them to Jail? Answer Me that.
    • It's the story writer's idea. Maybe they trapped them in a cage, and then they were transported to a jail.

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