Spike forces Tom to be friends with Jerry, and wants Tyke to learn that natural enemies can become friends, of course, Tyke might have his father do something that dogs don't like to do.


The story begins when Tom chases Jerry as usual, as Spike and Tyke paint their house. and when a paint can (from Tom chasing Jerry) drops on Spike's head, the dog says it's high time that Tom and Jerry become friends. While the chase went on, Spike stops the chaos by stepping on Tom's tail, resulting in Tom flattening his head with an anvil he was holding. then as Tom was grabbed by the stomach, Spike then tells Tom to become friends with Jerry, otherwise, Spike will make mincemeat out of the poor kitten. Jerry overhears this, and thinks he's in the clear. Spike again warns Tom to be friendly with Jerry or else he will become cat waffles. So Tom responds by patting Jerry's head softly. After Spike showed that kind of example to his son, Tyke wonders if his father can become friends with a cat. However, Spike didn't respond to his son, but said to himself, "Friends with a cat? Ugh! What a concept."

As Jerry hides behind the house, Tom comes out of a garbage can, ready to flatten the mouse with a mallet. However, when Tom flew the mallet backwards, accidentally whacking Spike's forehead. Spike responds by lecturing Tom that he won't make friends by chasing or clobbering others, turns Tom into a spherical form, and wants to teach Tom on how to make friends. at a swing set, is Spike swinging his son. Tom then playfully swings Jerry, which Spike responds correctly. After Spike goes, Tom spins the swing Jerry is on, resulting Jerry going over the fence. Tyke tells Tom that the kitten is not supposed treat Jerry this way, of course, Tom kicks Tyke in a garbage can.

Later, a mail truck comes and delivers a package for Jerry, and inside is a cake sent by Jerry's mother. Whenever Jerry was about to eat to his heart's content, Tom grabs the cake away, however Spike stops him. So, Tom in an attempt to escape punishment, grabs a cake knife from his body and slices an icing slice, giving it to Jerry. However, Spike tells Tom it's not enough and forces Him to share much more to Jerry, a cake slice. When Spike leaves, Tom swipes the rest of the cake and runs off, but crashes into Spike, with cake in his face. Tyke comes and reminds his dad that if Tom doesn't become friends with Jerry, he would turn Tom into cat waffles. So Spike threatens poor Tom with force, which is by slamming him onto the ground. Jerry comes by and Spike forces Tom help Jerry learn something new, like swimming.

A few minutes later, Tom shoos a bluebird out of the birdbath, and places Jerry in it. Spike then has put Tom in the birdbath, to teach Jerry swimming the backstroke, sidestroke, and Spike's favorite, which is the dog paddle. After the lesson, Spike asks Tom and Jerry if they learned how to be friends. They silently responded with a "yes", resulting Spike to get the pair to kiss and make up. The pair coughed and declined, making Spike shouting at the pair once again to kiss and make up. Tom kisses Jerry's head. Spike tells Jerry to do the same, and Jerry does. So Spike tells Tyke that when two natural enemies kiss and make up, it gives hope in the future. Tyke asks his father if he's ready to kiss a cat. With no alternative, Spike kisses Tom anyway. However two seconds later, he hacks and gags, but Tyke doesn't mind and says that it takes him a while to change his ways, and claims he's still the "best papa in the whole world, and hugs his father.


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  • In one scene while Spike threatens Tom, Tyke's nose is missing.
  • When Spike recoils at Tyke's asumption of his father becoming friends with a cat, Tyke's tail is missing in that scene.
  • The moment Tom kicks Tyke, Tom's tailpoint is glaucous like his primary fur.
  • When Tom chases Jerry with a mallet, Tom's eyes are white, instead of yellow.
  • When Spike said "That's an order", Tom's eyes are white.


  • Chumpy Chumps is the only Spike and Tyke cartoon with Tom and Jerry. and also the only episode Tyke interacts with Tom.

Guest Voice Cast

  • Sally Struthers as Jerry's Mother's Voice