Cindy-Lou the Kitten
The birthday kitten
Vital statistics
Friends Tom (formerly), Jerry, Gaylord
Background info
Voiced by Teresa Ganzel
First and only appearance Birthday Surprise


Cindy Lou is a beige-brownish cat around Tom's age and appears exclusively in Birthday Surprise, celebrating her birthday. Hoping to have a mouse of her own as she conversates with a friend through the phone, with Tom overhearing it. so, he tries time and time again to give Jerry to her. Soon, after Tom finally got to give her Jerry in a music box, but she exits the house as She goes with another cat named Gaylord, who is wearing a diamond-studded vest, and inadvertently leaves a heartbroken Tom as she goes in a sports car into the horizon.


Fan-made History

In Thrill-Ride Tom, as Tom waited in line, Cindy-Lou explained to Tom that the reason She broke up with Gaylord when She learned that He has six other girlfriends.

In Tree of Charge, as Tom was building a Treehouse for Cindy-Lou, She daydreams that She and Tom in Wedding wear, are taken to a Treehouse suite, with Their three kittens. and after Tom completes the treehouse, Cindy-Lou kisses Tom, making Him blush. and as Jerry's termites ate the neighborhood of their treehouses, but Cindy-Lou's was immune because it was covered with wallpaper riddled with Insecticide.

In Maze Craze, Cindy-Lou was seen as one of the competitors.

In Dressed for Success, Cindy-Lou turns to Tom to make a dress for the Neighborhood Dance. afterwards, She brings Tom to the dance.

In Sick Daze, When Cindy-Lou was sick, Tom broke off pursuing Jerry and watched over Her. and after She's healed, We learn that She had the flu, but unintentionally made Tom sick, but watched over Him at His house.

In Bully for Who?, as She was listening in on a Girl Bully Cat's plan to do physical harm to Tom, She goes to warn Tom, and as Tom was about to be brutally clawed, Cindy-Lou comes to the rescue, and warns the Bully cat, not to harms Tom in any way again as Cindy-Lou punches the bully right into a Dog catcher's truck.

In Seven Unusual Suspects, She is one of the seven main characters, and when She and the others learn that Calaboose Cal faked His death and was trying to learn Her insecurities, She and the others clobbered Cal off-screen.

In Surf-Bored Kitten, She is seen on the beach sunbathing.

In Pastry Panic, She and Mary-Lou make various pastries to aid a Pastry shop.

In Chase School Romance Class, She is a reference on Romance alongside Tom.

In Glue Season, Tom's paw is attached to Her shoulder, thanks to some super adhesive glue. Adamant at first, She begins to get used to Tom being around Her.

In Tail Tale, Cindy-Lou offers to help Tom sleep, with using Her tail to make Him fall asleep with different methods.

In Fool for a Day, Cindy-Lou pranks Tom by pouring flour on Him, making Him look like a ghost.

In Last Kittens on Earth, cope with Herself and Tom as the only Kittens left in the world, but has fun at a great scale, until She was taken by aliens. (It was a dream, however.)

In Eight Nine Tennis, She is in the Audience seeing Tom compete in a Tennis game against Butchie.

In The Most Disgusting Game, She was a competitor.

In Sha-Sha-Shaman, She and Tom are hailed as Deities of an Island, and Their natives.

In On the Urge, Tom takes Her to a Cabin in the forest, and She becomes love-struck as She rested on a Hammock.