A fan-made episode written by CartoonLover.


(At the Chase School Library, Tim is reading a book on history's rulers, when Trista comes in.)

Tim: (softly) Ah. Nero burned his own country. Ooh. Al Capone, master of organized crime... (thinks of himself looking like a mobster) No.

Trista: (softly) Timmy? You're reading books?

Tim: (softly) Doesn't everyone? (looks at Tim's Book of World Rulers.)

Trista: (softly) I see. Excuse me a moment. (She goes outside and brings back a plastic cube big as a rock.) Well, Timmy? Want to come inside? (Tim hastily goes inside the cube with her as she closes it.)

Tim: So, was there a reason you made this and wanted me to go inside?

Trista: I did. While we're in the cube, no noise can get in or out. So, we can talk as loudly as we want.

Tim: Ah. good idea. (reads his book) Huh?

Trista: What, Timmy?

Tim: Try not to be alarmed, but this world ruler might have some bloodline connections with you.

Trista: Oh? Bloodline? (looks at the book) She looks a little bit like me. Brushed up whiskers, white fur. Hmm. (comes out of the cube and looks up the computer) Cl-eo-cat-ra. The Ptolemaic period. Now bloodline records. (gasps) Wha-- (goes back in the cube) Timmy, try not to be alarmed, but I think Cleocatra's my ancestor!

Tim: Really? (reads book) Well, she looks a bit like you. (Trista looks at the book)

Trista: And so, after her last encounter with the Desert Shadow, who was water-skiing in the Nile River, Cleocatra comes to the pyramids to announce her invasion of the nearby villages. Then a prince from another country came, and his name was Tim Anchovy. (giggles) That's a fish name.

Tim: My name is a fish name?

Trista: Ha ha ha ha. No, Anchovy is. (back at the library) Tim Anchovy became very enamored with Cleocatra. You could say he wanted to be more attached to her, like you hope to be more attached to me. (wraps her arms around Tim) now then... (reads the book) as Cleocatra ventured in the Nile...

(Scene back to her ship)

Cleocatra: No, no, nope, nay, negative--

Trista: I said the Nile, not denial.

Cleocatra: He he. Sorry.

Trista: As Cleocatra ventured in the Nile River, Tim Anchovy went inside her ship and announced to her that he wanted to marry her. Cleocatra, however... (the Desert Shadow appears in front of Anchovy)

Tim Anchovy: AAAHH! Mice! (runs and crashes into the door)

Cleocatra: Sorry. I won't marry a scrawny kitten like you.

Tim Anchovy: Scrawny? Me, Tim Anchovy, scrawny?

Cleocatra: Yes. You're small as my slave, who escaped me after he rowed through the river of Nile.

Tim Anchovy: Who was your slave?

Cleocatra: Not important.

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