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Vital statistics
Friends Jerry aka the Desert Shadow, Tom (maybe)
Enemies A wolf-based character that looks similar to McWolf
Background info
Voiced by Tress MacNeille
Inspiration Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt
First and only appearance Cleocatra

Cleocatra is an Adolescent white cat of an unknown breed, in Egyptian Queen's apparel and with a beauty mark. appears only in the episode Cleocatra. She is boastful as she wanted Jerry the Desert Shadow captured, and out of her boat once and for all, until a Fat McWolf based character was chasing her. She is a play on Cleopatra, a historical Pharaoh and ruler of Egypt (circa 100s B.C.). but She's one of the few female cat characters that Tom didn't have any romantic feelings for. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Tress MacNeille, Cleocatra's voice actor voiced almost 600 roles in Her 35-Year Voicing Career, and is best known for portraying most female characters in the 1999 Cartoon, Futurama, including Mom, Daisy Duck from the Disney franchise, and Tiny Toon Adventures' Babs Bunny.