Clyde Cat
Clyde standing next to Tom and Jerry's house in "My Pal".

First Appearance

My Pal

Voiced by

Brian Cummings


Anthropomorphic Cat



Fur Color

Light Brown with Dark Brown Stripes

Eye Color

Yellow with Black Irises

Clyde is a recurring character in the Tom and Jerry Kids Show. He has also starred in some episodes, including "Grab that Bird" and "Clyde to the Rescue".

Physical Appearance

Clyde is a tall and obese anthropomorphic cat, weighing physically more than 300 pounds. His primary fur is light brown with dark brown stripes that bear a heavy resemblance to tiger. His secondary fur for his hands, feet, muzzle, and belly is cream-colored. His tailpoint is dark brown like the stripes. He has bushy clumps of hair that is parted to the sides. He also has dark brown outlines around his eyes. His eyelids are light indigo. His nose is bright red. He also has buck teeth that are separate from each other.


Clyde is depicted with a dimwitted, klutzy attitude, often creating mishaps in the surroundings. He is talkative and talks in a deep voice. He often resorts to putting plant pots on his head until harsh objects (such as a shovel) manage to break them into pieces, resulting him in a temporary trauma. He also tends to tangle himself in such situations. In any attempt to be friends with others and consider them as "pals" (including Tom), he results in lifting and slamming them on the ground, as well as trouncing on them. Whenever he attempts to catch Jerry for Tom, he ends up hurting Tom instead.



  • Clyde's voice actor, Brian Cummings, was famous in announcing various movie trailers including the Tom and Jerry Movie in 1992. and on the 80's game show, "The All-New Let's Make a Deal" starring Monty Hall, and at a lesser extent, Cummings was announcer for the pilot episode of the Kids' Game Show, Fun House starring J.D. Roth. He also voiced Merry Walrus in the Club Penguin special "We Wish You a Merry Walrus".