Clyde aids Tom to capture Jerry in a golf course.


Outside a golf course, Clyde looks outside his house at the beautiful weather that he wants to partake in. However, his large frame can't fit through his cat door and he gets stuck. Clyde manages to shoot through the cat door, and flies through the air, and then manages to get his head stuck in a flower pot when he lands. Clyde tries to remove it but to no avail. Meanwhile, Tom pulls out Jerry to be a makeshift tee and after Jerry escapes his predicament, Tom chases him to a dandelion patch, and after seeing Jerry, (still with the golf ball) Tom hacked away at the patch, until he hit Jerry sky-high. After Jerry lands on Clyde's pot, Tom manages to break the pot off Clyde's head with the golf club. Much to the chagrin of Tom, Clyde is now his best friend and promises to help Tom catch the little mouse and improve his golf game as he places Tom in the golf bag.

As Clyde drives Tom in a golf cart, he scats a song, then saw Jerry in a flower field and went after him as Tom still in the golf bag crawls away. Clyde captures Jerry but when he looks for Tom, Clyde put the mouse down. Clyde's head did get stuck in a tree's hole, but gets out. As Jerry creeps away, Tom under the 9 sign, surprises Jerry and chases him, but lead Tom to Clyde, ending the pursuit. Clyde, however wanting to help whacks a golf ball at Jerry's location, hits a rock and ricochets at Tom's mouth, breaking all of his teeth. Clyde swings again with a different club and after landing, the ball goes backward making Jerry jump on it and land in the 9th hole. Clyde lets Tom get the mouse out of the hole, but a gopher bites Tom's index finger, making it red. As Clyde wonders where Jerry went, he sees Jerry in one of the sprinklers, and quietly signals Tom, who attempts to whack Jerry but hits the sprinkler, making the kitten wobbly. Clyde, livid about Tom's predicament, uses a wrench to fiddle with the sprinkler, but Jerry activates the sprinkler system by turning a faucet, resulting in the same sprinkler spraying Tom and Clyde to a puddle.

Tom chases Jerry as Clyde drives a golf cart, but Tom gets hit by a tree branch. The chase goes on into a sand trap with Tom in hot pursuit, but Jerry gets out as Tom crashes into the sand trap's cliff. Clyde who goes to help Tom uses a Vacuum to suck in Jerry. It caught something and when Tom pulled out a dust ball, he blew on it and it turned out to be the same gopher and chomps Tom's thumb. Jerry laughs at Tom's misfortune, but goes in a pond to escape, but Tom, while underwater, strikes the golf balls in the pond, and Jerry was on one of them and lands inside a garden shed. Tom and Clyde go after him but they run away when Jerry chases both cats with a lawnmower. At the driving range, Clyde, again, manages to get his head stuck in a bucket. While Tom is about to remove the bucket, who is promising eternal devotion and friendship, Tom has second thoughts and hops the lawnmower with Jerry and they both drive away leave Clyde in his predicament.

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