Jerry helps Undine protect the ocean's Coral Reef from reckless scuba divers, while keeping Undine safe from exploiters at the same time.


As morning rose at the beach, We see Jerry resting under a bungalow, waking up from the sun's rays. the mouse goes into His dressing room, and changes to His scuba gear, with His indigo swim shorts. as Jerry was looking at the horizon, He sees Undine at the ocean and waves at Her. Jerry then goes in the ocean to meet Her at the colorful Coral Reef. both Jerry and Undine enjoy the beauty of the coral with their own eyes. however, Their fun was interrupted by Scuba-Diving Airheads, who crash into the coral, Jerry with His scubapack brings out a fake coral monster to scare away the airheads. Undine kisses Jerry for saving the Coral, and continues looking at the coral.

the airheads return to civilization and tell Their hippie friends that a coral monster is in the ocean. unknown to the hippies, a secret agent listens in and tells the Government that a coral monster is at the ocean. as night fell, Jerry waves good bye to Undine as He returns to under the bungalow. the next morning, Jerry wakes up and sees a bunch of news trucks and media reporters at the beach, on the lookout for the coral monster. Jerry sneaks under the sand, and gets to the ocean to warn Undine, but the coral is torn one by one, by scuba divers, with Undine somewhere inside to avoid detection. so, Jerry scares away the divers by getting a whale's help. and after scaring the divers away and the media circus, Jerry, to ensure that the coral monster incident doesn't happen again, places the coral monster disguise in front of the coral, as He and Undine swim away, and after resurfacing, Jerry kisses Undine. as the sun went down.

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