Dakota Droopy and his son, Dripple, find a giant golden nugget inside the Lost Dutch Boy Mine with Claim Jumper McWolf unsucessfully trying to steal the nugget from them.


Dakota Droopy(Droopy Dog) and his son Dripple are driving on a desert road, avoiding falling objects. The person dropping those objects on the two dogs is Claim Jumper McWolf, who is threatening them to stay off the hills because the lost gold mine belongs to him. Although Dakota Droopy was not fazed by McWolf's threat, McWolf pulls a lever and the drawbridge splits into two. Luckily, Dakota's car streches over the gap and continues on. McWolf, irritated by what he saw, takes his anger out on the lever and a boulder bonks McWolf on the head. Dakota and his son have finally reached the Lost Dutch Boy Mine, unaware they are watched by McWolf. Dakota pulls a rock out of the pile and the pile collapses, revealing an entrance with a flashing neon sign saying "Lost Dutch Boy Mine." McWolf, surprised by what he saw, follows the two to the entrance. He then sees Dakota rolling with a giant gold nugget and chases him with a hammer. Luckily, Dripple uses a chainsaw to cut off the top part of the hammer and McWolf swings wildly, missing Dakota. Dripple then throws around McWolf into the distance.

That night, Dakota and Dripple went to sleep. Elsewhere, McWolf sees the giant gold nugget, but it was too heavy for him to carry it. McWolf then blows in his thumb, gaining muscles, and lifting the gold nugget. Dripple then takes out a tack and pops McWolf's arms, sending him flying like a deflating balloon. As Dakota leaves to town, McWolf and his dim-witted horse chase after him. McWolf then tosses lead at Dakota, telling the audience that "I know it's stupid, but they wouldn't give me a gun for this darned cartoon." McWolf is stopped by a wooden foot and Dripple uses a giant hand to fling McWolf off a cliff. The horse then falls in McWolf and McWolf screams in frustration.

Later, McWolf uses a magnet to demonstrate on an old car. He takes aim at Dakota's car, but Dakota's small magnet pulls the machine into the ground and sends a starship crashing on the car.  Later, Dakota stops by an assay office, unaware that it was a trap made by McWolf. McWolf tricks Dakota into thinking that the gold nugget is actually a dinosaur egg and Dakota leaves. The gold nugget then hatches a hideous monster and McWolf runs away. The monster turns out to be Dripple in disguise, saying "Am I a little stinker or what?" and an iris in on Dripple and Dakota.


  • There is a scene that references the 1960's TV Series Star Trek: A spaceship that crash landed on McWolf's machine is a resemblance of the Starship Enterprise. The spaceship reads Star Wreck, which is a parody of Star Trek, and McWolf, in green skin, pops out of the starship, nearly resembling Mr. Spock.
  • Goof: In one scene when McWolf is briefly shown on the cliff when his eye balls come back up to him through a long telescope, he is in his blue shirt, black vest and brown pants instead of wearing his brown jacket, yellow tie, blue pants and white shirt.
  • First appearance of Droopy, Dripple, and McWolf.
  • This is one of the few episodes where there is a fade out/fade in effect in between.
  • This episode could be the switch episodes on Boomerang like Dakota Droopy and the Lost Dutch Boy Mine or Dog Daze Afternoon.
  • McWolf says that guns are not allowed in cartoons. This was retold again in "El Smoocho".