(The scene opens up in a swamp full of greens. Droopy and Dripple whizz by.)

Announcer: Welcome to the Hokey Finokey 500, sports fans!

(everyone cheers)

Announcer: Here comes our perfect jet beam, that raging caging canine, Droopy, and his assistant, Dripple, racing in the Cajun Canopy!

Droopy: Hello folks. I'm ready for action.

Dripple: And I'm ready for love.

Announcer: Our challenger today is that vile baddy, (to audience) and a real creep, (scene cuts to swamp) Swamp Breath McWolf, driving the super-powered, Swamp Steak!

(McWolf whizzes along the water, wetting Droopy and Dripple in the process.)

Droopy: How ill-mannered.

McWolf: Yeah? Well it's better than no manners!

Announcer: The winner of this race will get a co-starring role in the movie, Swamp Gas. (to audience) The lucky winner will also co-star with that Cajun Queen, (cuts to swamp) Miss Jambalaya Vavoom!

(Miss Vavoom zooms around the water while everyone cheers, and Miss Vavoom gives lots of kisses to the audience. McWolf pops out his eyes, flickers his mouth, takes a big breath, pops his eyes again but with the tongue as well, pulls his tongue, swims in the air, steam comes out from his ears, shakes his head, hit his head with a mallet, and stretches his neck to Vavoom.)

McWolf: Love your outfit.

Vavoom: Get lost creep.

(Vavoom ties McWolf's tongue onto his nose, and he untangles it.)

McWolf: Creeping crown-heads! If anyone's gonna stop that Cajun queen, it's gonna be me! (pounds fist onto his own hand, then schemingly looks right)

Announcer: Let's get ready to rumblllleee! (cuts to Droopy and Dripple) On your marks, (cuts to the Swamp Steak starting its engines) get set,

McWolf: (to audience) I'll make poodle sausages out of them, butchered.

Announcer: GOOOOO!!! (waves flag strongly)

(McWolf skids off, wetting Droopy and Dripple again, but with a larger amount of water.)

Announcer: Uh boys, I said you could, GOOOOO!!!

Dripple: (stern) I don't have to.

Droopy: He meant you could start the race son.

Dripple: Oh. (starts engine)

(cuts to McWolf)

McWolf: Hmm, those doggies must be 20 miles behind me! (laughs maliciously, and looks through binoculars) Looks like I got time for a little swamp boogie, before them pathetic pooches catch a bite! (sets up a picnic, which he makes a sandwich of all the food served there) Yummy! Hmm, seems to be missing somethin'. Hehehe, I got it! (grabs mustard from off-screen) Mustard! (looks at the direction of the bubbling sounds)

Droopy: Pardon me, may I borrow your mustard?

McWolf: Hey, oh, yeah okay.

(Droopy grabs mustard)

Dripple: And I'll borrow your sandwich. (eats sandwich and gulps)

(Droopy and Dripple leave the scene. McWolf looks at his bare hands, then screams loudly, holds his ears angrily and shakes his head fast, and begins to pull off his ears until they rip off. Blood can be seen from the breaking point. He then looks at his ears, screams like a madman, and gets back on his Swamp Steak. He then skids past Droopy and Dripple again, this time overturning their boat.)

McWolf: That'll teach them what a lot quinnies to mess with Swamp Breath McWolf! To make sure they don't catch me, I'll switch from really fast to dramatically fast!

Dripple: So long, stinky.

(McWolf makes his eyes very big)

McWolf: How the heck did they do that?! To win this kind of race, you gotta be mean, ruthless…

Dripple: Despicable.

McWolf: Yeah! Despicable! And- Huh? (looks at Droopy and Dripple, and then pops out his eyes, the eyes pinching at Droopy and Dripple, then looks at camera) Action stage right! (presses a button) Right up into the sky, that is! That'll be a stinky really wants to cockles. Of my heart.

Dripple: What are cockles, papa?

Droopy: Mugs, which are slimy, green slugs.

(screen fades to McWolf skidding on the water)

McWolf: We ended meantation country, I'll stop them mutts by using swamp magic!

(speaks gibberish, Chinese music starts to play, then says some random words while putting a few fruits, some glue and a puffle-like object into a bag) By the magic powers invested in me, I decree that those miserable mutts will (deep tone) stay away from me. (laughs stupidly)

Droopy: (from the bag) Guess again, swamp dude.


(cuts to a crocodile walking by. McWolf puts the bag inside the crocodile's mouth)

Dripple: What do we do now, papa?

Droopy: Simple. Just drop these two Bumbo tablets into a glass of water. Then stir. (shakes glass of water, then pours it into crocodile's mouth)

(The crocodile burps, producing a bubble with Droopy and Dripple in it that floats out. The crocodile then snaps its mouth and drops down. Droopy and Dripple float in the air for a while before going back to their boat.)

Dripple: So long, slow wolf.

McWolf: OH YEAH?! I'll pull you. (pulls string, which turns into a hi-speed engine) If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger motor! (laughs maliciously, then pushes on the accelerate pedal. The boat goes fast, but stops after a while.) Sheesh! Big motor, no gas! Darn this darn (speaks gibberish, while kicking the motor. After seeing Droopy and Dripple, he holds up a sign saying 'Will Work for Gas'.)

Droopy: We have to be good sports, little fella. And help out poor Mr. McWolf.

(Dripple pours gas into McWolf's boat gas tank, while McWolf has a scheming look on his face.)

McWolf: You sweet suck-a-roomies gave me a hand. Now let me give you a hand! (laughs maliciously while kicking the fan into the water and leaves, wetting Droopy and Dripple again)

Droopy: Well son, it looks like that nasty wolf is going to win this race after all.

Dripple: Yo way ho yay! I pulled this out of Wolfie's boat! (shows drainage plug)

(McWolf skids on the water. Water is shown coming into the hole of the boat, making the boat sink.)

McWolf: What's this world coming to? You can't trust nobody nowadays. Not even a couple of (gurgles)

Dripple: Teamwork always pays off, right papa?

(Droopy and Dripple row to the finish line. The screen fades to Droopy standing alongside Vavoom.)

Vavoom: And now, here's your first place kiss! (kisses Droopy)

Droopy: You know folks, I owe this victory to clean living, pure thoughts.

Dripple: And as number-one son!

Droopy: Excuse me, Miss Jambalaya.

(Droopy kisses Vavoom on the cheek, making her petrified and crazy about the kiss as we iris out on her)

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