McWolf tries to escape Dirty Droopy so he can also escape punishment.


Public Enemy No. 1 through 7, McWolf is being pursed throughout the city by Droopy and Dripple, the toughest cops in the city. McWolf ducks into an abandoned warehouse, where McWolf throws everything at Droopy to keep him away. Nothing works as Droopy keeps showing up and corners McWolf in the warehouse. Droopy uses his .44 Magnum Feather Duster on McWolf to get him to surrender. In the courtroom, McWolf pleads his case about the Feather Duster treatment and gets set free and found innocent. for Droopy's Excessive justice against McWolf, He gets in trouble for going too far, resulting Droopy being fired from the police force. News reaches McWolf who is planning on a crime spree, but Droopy is there to stop the crook. McWolf tries to escape Droopy, but the dog won't let up. Eventually, McWolf tries to hop a plane to get away from Droopy, but he ends up jumping out of it and landing in a prison. Not able to get away from Droopy, McWolf to turns himself in and confesses to every crime on the books. Unfortunately for him, the prison is populated with hundreds of Droopy dogs.

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