Tom chases Jerry in the beach, but a guard dog is intended to keep the pair out.


One day at the beach, a lifeguard tells his dog Mugger that's he's going to lunch, and wants Mugger to keep watch over the beach and make sure no pets are ever on the beach, but lounges as he soaks up rays. However, the relaxation ends after Jerry unknowingly slides sand in Mugger's face. Tom does the same, and as Tom chases Jerry around the beach, disturbing Mugger, who grabs Tom by the back of his neck. Mugger then threatens Tom not to come back otherwise it will get worse. Nonetheless, it doesn't last too long as Tom resumes his chase. Tom finds a frisbee and uses it against Jerry, who got on, but the disc is sent flying softly on Mugger's stomach, but is crushed by his collapsable chair after Tom tried to get Jerry.

Mugger then chases after the cat, right into a bunch of lockers. Tom escapes the dog and runs after Jerry who hides behind a post, and Tom lifts a bucket and under it was a crab, which pinches his finger Tom however got rid of it and tries to trap Jerry, but Jerry heads straight for Mugger, of course Tom unknowingly and successfully stuffs Mugger in the bucket. Mugger, full of retaliation in his mind goes after Tom and corners him in the beach showers, but Tom is able to distract the dog with a frisbee. Tom tosses a frisbee toward a shark and Mugger goes right after it and inside the shark, but Mugger breaks out. As the chase continues, However, Jerry goes in a parasol, which Tom closes to keep the mouse from getting away. Mugger grabs Tom, and was about to punish Tom, despite threatening him, but Tom finds another frisbee and feigns throwing it, making Mugger crash into a wall.

Under a bridge, Tom finally grabs Jerry, but Mugger grabs Tom, who throws the frisbee, making Mugger smash through the support beams of the bridge, which topple down, crushing Mugger. Later, Tom throws an inner tube to try to get rid of Mugger. However, after Mugger grabs the tube, he realizes he was tricked. At the beach gym, Tom flings a weight to get Mugger out of his hair yet again. Tom then chases Jerry into the dumpster, and as Mugger is there, he uses a baseball bat to bang on the dumpster, flushing out the pair, and grabbed them. However, when Mugger was about to put Tom and Jerry into the trash, Tom throws sends a trash can lid that lands on the roof of a passing van which the guard dog chases leaving Tom and Jerry to sunbathe on the beach as they lower their sunglasses and the screen fades to black.


  • When Jerry reacts after trying to avoid the frisbee, his bowtie disappears in that shot.
  • In the end, when Tom and Jerry are lounging after getting rid of Mugger, Tom's cap and Jerry's bowtie both disappear.