Tom steals the dogs' collars and Jerry helps the dogs get even with Tom.


In the beginning of the segment, Tom is chasing Jerry into Spike's doghouse. An irritated Spike grabs Tom by the Tail and puts him in the garbage can. Later, Spike is sleeping with Jerry under his paw. Tom is standing behind four signs. The first one: If it's dogs you seek, the second one: never fear, the third one: just take a peek, and the last one: over here. A dog catching van parks near the signs and Tom tells the dog catcher to grab Spike. Just as Spike was about to be put in the van, Spike shows the dog catcher his dog collar and the dog catcher drops him. Angrily, Spike then chases Tom until a gate shuts behind Tom.

Tom then climbs the fence and takes the dog collar off Spike's neck. He whistles for the dog catcher again and the dog catcher grabs Spike. Later, Tom takes another dog collar from a dachshund and several other dogs with a fish pole and stunning them with a flash camera. Tom then takes the dog collars and goes to sleep. At the dog pound, Jerry springs all the dogs free and takes them with him to get their collars back from Tom.

Tom then gets a rude awakening when he sees all the dogs sleeping around him. Tom then tries to get out without waking them up. He then sees Jerry with two tin pans as if he is going to bang them together like cymbals. Tom rushes to Jerry to stop him from banging the pans, only have his face smashed in by the two pans. Tom regains conscious and then sees Jerry knock over cups and plates from the cupboard. He catches all but one cup and rocks a nearby dog back to sleep. He then spies Jerry hiding in a cabinet and grabs him. As he tiptoes around the dogs, Tom sees Jerry in his hands and Jerry blows a party horn on Tom's nose. Hearing the noise, all the dogs wake up and Tom runs away, dropping Jerry in the process. The dogs then chase Tom all around the house until Tom sees Jerry in the pantry and shoves Jerry into a bottle of soda. Tom then sees Spike and the soda explodes into Spike's face. A group of dogs see a French poodle and ran toward her, unaware that it was a decoy made by Tom. Tom then deflates the decay and dogs follow the decoy into the dog catcher's van. Back in the house, Jerry is dancing on the piano's keys until he sees Tom. After Tom grabs Jerry, Spike pops out from the piano and grabs Tom. Jerry then runs away and hides under a pillow while Spike beats up Tom inside the piano. 


  • The title of this segment "Dog Daze Afternoon" is a parody of the 1975 film, Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino.
  • There are a couple of scenes which were references to the original Tom and Jerry Shorts: The scene where Jerry knocks over a few plates and cups from the cupboard is a reference to the 1940 Tom and Jerry short "Puss Gets the Boot" and the scene where Tom stuffs Jerry in a bottle of soda is a reference to the 1947 Tom and Jerry short "Salt Water Tabby".
  • This episode could be the switch episodes on Boomerang like Dog Daze Afternoon or Dakota Droopy and the Lost Dutch Boy Mine.


  • In the scene where Spike is captured after Tom takes Spike's collar off, one of Spike's paws is colored light tan instead of gray.