Down in the Dumps
Season 3, Episode 10, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Bruce Morris


Tyke tries to help His Dad keep His Night-Owl Job of watching the Dump making Sure no one, Not even Kyle the Cat, steals anything but without Spike knowing.


As Night was approaching at Spike n Tyke's House, Spike beats around the Bush to try to pay off the Bills. to help His Dad save Money, Tyke suggested going on a Diet, but Spike wants His Son to be Happy, Healthy, and have a College Education. and as Spike left to go on His Job, Tyke realized that His Dad forgot His Lunch, so He races to the Dump, and after Reaching the Dump, He overhears His Father's Boss, a Doberman. telling Spike that if the Latter Falls Asleep, He'll get fired.

and as the Sun went down, Spike already fell asleep, but Tyke wakes His Dad without being seen as Spike's Boss returns, telling Him that Yesterday, Kyle stole 3 Fenders, 7 Headlights, and an Old Doll. and after the Boss Leaves, Spike falls asleep again, prompting Tyke to take over for His Dad. in a Carpile, Kyle the Cat comes out of a Car Trunk seeing the Guard is Asleep, gets a Shopping Cart and Scavenges some old Machinery and junk (Like an Old Vacuum, a Hubcap, and an Old Radio). as Kyle checks the List, Tyke spots Kyle and pokes Him with a Broom, causing the Cat to Panic, until He sees the offending Pup. Tyke whacks Kyle with the Broom, telling Him to Leave. Kyle however reacted by grabbing the Broom away chasing Tyke until He accidentally whacks Spike's Face, waking Him up and causing the Cat to be booted out by the Bigger Bulldog, then Spike goes back to sleep, not realizing that Tyke's still Here.

Kyle determined to sneak inside the Dump by walking on a Telephone Wire, but falls into the office in front of an Out Cold Spike. Tyke attempted to Wake His dad but to No Avail. Kyle then Flings the Younger bulldog into a Dumpster, as He Hijacks a Garbage Truck loading with it a Pile of Garbage, as He attempted to escape the Dump, but Tyke cuts the Cat off, warning Tyke to get out of the Way, Tyke Refuses. and as He lectured the consequences that He and Spike Will Suffer, promping Kyle to get soft, (and Leave the Truck) but tells Tyke to stop with the heart-wrenching lecture and get out of the way one final time. Tyke grabs Kyle's Finger and thrashes Him, causing Kyle to have a Change of Heart. just in time too, because the Boss is approaching the Dump. Tyke tries in Futility Waking Up His Dad, however, Kyle writes a Dot on Each of Spike's Eyelids with a Pencil. and thanks to Kyle and Tyke's moving the Sleeping Spike without being seen, the Boss congratulates Spike on a Job well done and hopes to see Him Tomorrow.

Successful on keeping Spike's job intact, Kyle tells Tyke to say Spike has such a Great Son. and as Spike wakes up, Kyle pats Tyke's Head and leaves. Spike wonders why His Son came, Tyke replied that it's 6 AM, and that He's ready for School as He goes to Sleep. Spike takes Tyke Home as the Sun Rises, and Tells Us Tyke woke up extra Early to See His Father, also Tyke didn't know that Today's Saturday, meaning No School. then the screen turns to black at the end of the episode as Spike brings Tyke home.


  • Despite Kyle encountering Tyke in the Season 1 episode Puss n' Pups, and Hoodwinked Cat, He answered who Tyke was.