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Droppy Dog
Why the droopy face, Droopy?
Vital statistics
Personality Clever, sad
Species Basset hound
Relatives Dripple (son)
Auntie Snoople (aunt)
(ADD HERE) Droopy from Dakota Droopy Returns (grandfather)
Enemies McWolf, The Yolker, and a couple of other villains
Background info
Voiced by Don Messick
First appearance Dakota Droopy and the Lost Dutch Boy Mine

A White Basset Hound often with a miserable look on his face, originally introduced in the Tex Avery shorts of the 1940s called Dumb-Hounded. He Appears alongside his Son in the Droopy and Dripple segments of Tom & Jerry Kids and the main character in Droopy: Master Detective.

Appearances in Season 1

Appearances in Season 2

Appearances in Season 3

Season 4 Appearances


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