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[[Category:Voiced by Don Messick, Andrzej Arciszewski (Poland)]]

Droopy Dog is a white Basset hound that often has a miserable look on his face, and was originally introduced in the Tex Avery shorts of the 1940s. He appeared alongside his son in the Droopy and Dripple segments of Tom & Jerry Kids and was the main character in Droopy: Master Detective.

Usually, he faces challenges with either McWolf or another villain in these shorts. These include stopping crimes, involving in rivalry between business, or racing against each other.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



  1. The only short in which he is with the Tom and Jerry Kids gang.
  2. The one of few shorts in which he and his son get defeated.
  3. The one of few shorts in which he and his son get defeated.

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