Calaboose Cal is hired to capture Jerry, but Tom is intent on getting the Mouse caught before Cal does.


In the house, Tom is reading comics as He eats popcorn, but pays no mind to Jerry, who absconds a cake. later as Tom watches TV, Jerry takes a slab of swiss cheese. but Tom's owner fed up with Tom's apathy, Calls a mouse exterminator. as Tom's owner goes to the market, She asks Her cat to let the exterminator in once He's arrived. The exterminator arrives, but kicks the door to enter, and introduces Himself as Calaboose Cal of The Calaboose Cal Mouse Rouster Company of Costa Mesa, CA as He checks the house's environment, He has thrown Tom out with a box containing an extendable arm. but as Tom tries to get in Cal stops Him with a trap that lifts up a stone slab. Tom refusing to accept defeat enters the house by going through a window.

As Cal readies Himself to get Jerry, He activates a radar-like machine, then uses a raygun to zap a hole where Jerry's located, and runs after Him. Tom tries to grab Jerry but failed and gets trampled by Cal as Jerry gets to the powder room. Cal zaps the hairbrush, powder box, and mirror. but the mirror reflects the laser back at Cal, making Him blacker than charcoal. and as Jerry runs for His life, Tom grabs the mouse, but falls in a trapdoor set by Cal as Jerry is in Cal's paw. but as Cal brags about His trapdoor, Jerry uses a piece of bubble gum to blow a big bubble making Himself and Cal float up until the bubble pops, splattering Cal in bubble gum as Jerry runs away. Tom escapes the trapdoor and pursues Jerry. but Cal trips up Tom out of the house with His trip-a-cat, a 15-foot-long stick with a boot attached. but Tom, yet again, re-enters the house through the window.

Meanwhile, Jerry is pursued by Cal's heat-seeking mouse missile, which is focusing on Jerry's body heat. but Tom uses a heating lamp and aims it to overheat Cal's tail, making the missile come at Cal, which explodes making Cal disintegrate. Tom grabs Jerry as He runs but is stopped by Cal's inflatable brick wall as Cal grabs Jerry. but Tom counters with a collapsable ironing board, flattening Cal's head, and grabs Jerry again. but in another room Cal grabs the mouse again, and crashes Tom with His miniature trolley train, but Tom swings by and grabs Jerry away, but Cal grabs Jerry while on a scooter, however Cal is drenched by a tidal wave, as Tom in swimwear and on a surfboard grabs Jerry again. Cal fed up with Tom interfering throws Him out, but Tom retaliates by throwing Cal out, then Tom's thrown out again, and Cal thrown out again, but the both of them along with Cal's case of traps are thrown out by Jerry! And as Tom is about to lay siege to Jerry, Cal grabs the kitten and gives up as Jerry watches Cal and Tom leave in the horizon, and the screen iris out.


  • There is a sequel to this episode called The Exterminator Cometh... Again, making it one of the few episodes to have sequels.
  • This episode is one of the few that have Tom NOT as the Main Antagonist.


  • When Cal said that Tom couldn't be able to get the mouse, Tom's eyes are white.


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