Tom chases Jerry in a department store while escaping a guard dog who wants the kitten to throw Frisbees for his enjoyment against his will.


As Tom Chases Jerry in the City as the Series begins, the Mouse Goes into a Mail Slot of a Department Store, Taunting Tom. Tom, however, goes into the Store by going through the Basement's Hole, cornering Jerry. Jerry tries to Escape through the Mail Slot, but Tom Grabs Him by the Tail, and Flings Him under the Sofa. as Tom tries to find Jerry, already out of the Sofa, tickles Tom's foot with a Feather. but as Tom was Glaring at Jerry for the Unwarranted Tickling, The Mouse Pulled the Rug under Tom, tripping Him Up. as Jerry tries to Escape Him, Tom uses a Lamp Wire as a Lasso, snaring Him. but Jerry Pulls the Wire, causing the Lamp and then the Lampshade to Fall on Tom's Head. When He's cornered by Tom, Jerry Unfazed, pointed upward to a Poster that said "Warning: Guard Dog on Duty". Tom blatantly tears up the Poster. then a Brute Dog taps Tom's Head, growling at Him. Tom in a Panic Tapes up the Poster incorrectly as "Nnargn Tatack Tudy On Goo". The Dog stuffs the Poster down Tom's Mouth in which Tom Melts into a Puddle. Tom returns to Normal as He attempts to Escape the Dog. As He tries to find a Hiding Place, Tom finally Grabs Jerry, but gets cornered by the Dog in the Frisbee Section. in a Sweat, Tom lets Jerry go and shakes a Frisbee around. which makes the Dog Excited in hopes of getting the Frisbee. Tom Tosses the Frisbee and the Dog gets it Quickly, pressing Tom to Throw it again, which Tom does.

The Chase of Cat and Mouse continues in the Kitchen Appliances Section, as Jerry Hides in the Window Shades, which Tom Flushed Him Out. but as luck would have it, Jerry safely lands on the Frisbee Tom Threw and the Dog gets it. forcing Tom to throw the Frisbee again. but as Tom was chasing Jerry Again, the Dog Traps Tom in a Glass Pitcher, laughing. but Tom flings another Frisbee causing the Dog to Jump out the Window. in the Gardening Section, Tom Uses a Lawnmower to Chase Jerry. and go into an Elevator, which goes to the Top Floor. at the Rooftop, as the Chase Progresses, the Two of them are up a flag post. and as Tom tries to shake Jerry off, the Frisbee finds its way to Tom, and after the Dog Gets it, He is Stuck in a Wood Door, but frees Himself. when Tom (under the Frisbee) grabs Jerry, the Dog squashes Tom, and grabs the Frisbee. When Tom Tried to Run Away, the Dog Steps on Tom's Tail, keeping Him from Escaping. the Dog forces Tom to Throw the Frisbee again, which He flings off the Building. which Tricks the Dog into Jumping off. as the Chase went on again, Tom finally got Jerry. The Dog was about to attack Tom, but the Kitten Flings a Multitude of Frisbees, which the Dog gets them all, Causing Tom to Snap. the Scene changes to the Beach, with Jerry (Free of Tom's Grasp) and the Dog are relaxing. as Tom acting like a Pup and getting the Frisbees, which were thrown by the Dog who shakes hands with Jerry as We Iris Out.


  • Near the end, Tom threw 8 Frisbees, but the dog has 11 in his mouth.


  • We see the dog again in "Disc Temper", but is named Mugger.