A wrestling alligator fed up with being physically abused and given unfair disadvantages, runs away from wrestling and tries to find a way back to the Hokey-Finokee Swamp as He finds a friend in Jerry.


Somewhere in the city at night, as an Alligator Wrestling No-Holds-Barred match was about to start between the undefeated champ, the Big Bulk, and the Mandible Mangler (an Alligator) of Florida's Hokey-Finokee Everglades. But the Big Bulk cheats by beating on the Mangler, headlocking, elbow driving, foot stomps, even before the bell rung. and once the start bell rings, the Big Bulk mercilessly clobbers the Mangler and tosses Him out of the building. The Mangler sick and tired of the abuse He went through, resigns and wants to return Home. but hides, when the Announcer, said to the Big Bulk that if the Mangler ran away again, the Mangler will become alligator shoes. which the Mangler runs for His life.

Morning Came and as Tom chases Jerry, both on skateboards, Jerry slams the upper door, which Tom crashes into. as Jerry skateboards into the yard, He unexpectedly skates into the Mangler's mouth, who was sleeping. as Jerry tries to run away, The Mangler tells the mouse not to turn Him in. as Both Jerry and the Mangler sees a Truck reading "Alligator Wrestling Inc", as the Announcer tells the Big Bulk that once He finds the Mangler, Wham! alligator luggage. desperate to escape the anguish of wrestling, wants to make Jerry promise to find a way to get Him back home. Jerry happily nods as He gets the Mangler to go into a pool. but the temperature was a bit cool. but as Tom approachs the yard, Jerry motions the Mangler to dive in the pool to avoid detection, which the Mangler crawls into.

as Tom readies himself to swim in the pool, He goes on a diving board and when He dives, He lands headfirst on the Mangler's head, sinks downward, and returns to His lawn chair, dazed, tired, and asleep. the Mangler hiding inside an umbrella at a patio, requested Jerry to find Him some food. The Mangler gets Tom's styrofoam basket and eats everything inside, including the plasticware, then a 6-pack of Soda cans. Tom wakes up and sees what's going on as The Mangler and Jerry hide inside the basket, and Tom grabs the basket to the basement, and turns off the light. but in the dark, The Mangler clobbers Tom.

At the Pool, as Jerry and the Mangler relax in the pool, The Mangler hides as Tom grabs Jerry's inner tube, tapes it up, and deflates the tube, zooming the mouse in the shed, where the Mangler is in. as Tom boards up the door, successfully, He unknowingly shakes the Mangler's hand. when He realizes an Alligator is in the shed, rather than let the Mangler clobber Him again, Tom takes down the shed's door, runs for dear life and enters a bus that says "Florida Express". thinking He's safe, His relief turned to surprise when He sees Jerry relaxing on a collapsible chair, as the Mangler knowing that He and Jerry are going to Florida, hopes that He'll some wrestling laughing as the bus is full of other alligators.


  • As Tom was about to board up the shed, Tom's swim shorts were not here, but in the next scene, they return.

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