Karl takes action to shut down the US Army Training Camp, for Child Abuse. but is distracted by Lucy's beauty.


At a Forest, Karl is resting on a tree branch enjoying the fresh air. but He is abruptly woken up by the Army Chef's yelling at a tired Tom to run a few more miles since He didn't capture the mouse. Tom tape-records the conversation, but as the Chef was about to destroy the evidence, Karl throws a Pinecone at the Chef, warning Him to stop pushing Tom to His limits. The Chef refuses to listen and was about to continue working over Tom. Karl then claws the chef's face, and runs off as the Chef goes after Him over the forest. with a few seconds ahead of the Chef, Karl tells Tom to get a cell phone while going into hiding and call someone to call for help after Tom gives Karl the audio tape. as Tom crawled away into hiding, Karl runs and comes across the Training Camp, and while searching for Videotape evidence of the Chef being excessive against a kid soldier, He bumps into Lieutenant Lucy, and also accidentally kissing Her, making Him dazed and lovestruck. Lucy, however, thinks Karl is a lost stray and has Him wear a uniform in a tent.

Karl comes out with some camouflage, and locates a surveillance camera and tries to find the TV Monitor room, but while searching, He couldn't stop thinking about Lucy. He has fantasies with Her. and while searching, Karl bumps into Her, making Him dizzy. Lucy berates Karl for His clumsiness. as She berates Him, Karl dreamily looks at Lucy, who woke Him up from Her own Charm. Karl then asks Lucy where the surveillance Room is, which is in front of Him. Karl then Kisses Lucy and gets the videotape evidence. The Chef unfortunately, was in front of Him. and tries to cage up Karl, Identified as the Cat who attacked Him. As the Chef tried to grab Karl just to destroy the videotape evidence, the Kitten runs the Chef all over the camp, and the end result was that the Chef is covered in Mud and feathers. Meanwhile, Lucy feeling like She was too hard on Tom after hearing Karl's words decides to make it up to Tom by calling for help via a Radio Transmitter to the Police.

with the Police on the way in 25 minutes, Karl finally tires out and defeats the Chef. in the Shed of Confiscated Items, Tom calls via a cell phone for help but is sighted by Lucy who apologizes for Her poor judgment and tells Tom that the Police is already on the way. as Karl was looking for Lucy, He spots Her outside the camp who tells Him that the Police are on the way, and He exits the camp as the police arrives and arrests the Chef for Child Abuse. (actually physically exhausting Tom to His limit of Stamina.) and the Police tells Him that the Camp is now under Jurisdiction of the camp, and they arrest any Camp Workers involved in the Chef's Corrupt environment, and rescue any campers imprisoned. with His mission complete, Karl asks Lucy for a dance, who agrees under the condition that He'll show Her the nature of the Outside world, as Karl blushes and accepts Her demands..


  • This takes place after Mess Hall Mouser.
  • This marks the first time Karl meets Lucy.
  • This Fan Episode also feature Tom in a Supporting Role.

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