In Capistrano at the San Juan Mission, Jerry helps tend to a swallow's broken arm.


From South America, a yellow swallow makes His way to North America, a week early, endeavoring the Blizzards, Hail, and Rain. as the Swallow reaches the San Juan Mission at Capistrano, California, Tom chases Jerry around the Mission with a rake. Jerry gets to the mouse hole safely, making Tom kick the wall, resulting a flower pot falling on the kitten's head. as the Swallow begins to land at the San Juan Mission, He tiredly spirals toward the ground. Tom sees the Swallow and hungrily gets a plate and bib ready. The Swallow lands on Tom's plate, but sprained His left arm, making Him act neurotically. The Swallow sees Tom and asks Him if He's a doctor. Tom nods as He prepares dinner placing a tablecloth on a tree stump and a candlestick on top, the places the Swallow on the stump. and prepares to eat the Swallow, Jerry sees Tom about to eat the Swallow, and hastily rescues the Swallow as He grabs Tom's tail, as Tom nonchalantly pokes His own tail with the fork, making Him yowl in pain. As Jerry and the Swallow get to the mouse hole, Bernie complains about His Predicament with Tom and His broken arm. Jerry wanting to help the bird, with medical attention, gets a First Aid kit using a piece of wood and some bandages to wrap the Swallow's right arm. The Swallow, however said that He wrapped the wrong arm.

Later, after wrapping the correct arm, the Swallow still reacts with pain, but stops, making the Swallow compliment Jerry's Doctor skills. outside the mousehole, Tom uses a bird-call whistle to lure out the swallow, successfully. as Tom grabs the bird. but He whaps Tom's nose and runs for His life as Tom chases Him around. but Jerry helps by using a hammock as a makeshift slingshot, slinging Tom into a cactus patch, making Him jump out with cactus needles on His rear. Tom kicks the wall, making it fall down on the poor kitten. Meanwhile, thinking His arm is getting better, the Swallow asks Jerry for some food, like Eggs and Worms, or Eggs, Bacon, and Grubs, or Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Hash Browns and a Chili Burrito, or Chinese Caterpillar Salad, as someone in a crimson robe is in front of the Swallow, who says hello. the cloaked figure turned out to be Tom after grabbing the Swallow. Jerry sees the incident, as the Swallow screams for help, as Tom walks off. a Woodpecker notices a fellow bird in need and goes into Tom's robe and pecks mercilessly at Tom, and stops when He crashes into a palmtree. the woodpecker comes out and pecks at a palmtree, which is falling. Tom tries to get out of range. but when He checks to see where the tree landed, the palmtree falls on Tom's back.

Eventually, Bernie asks Jerry if He's flight-worthy as Tom goes after the two with a butterfly net. Tom captures Jerry, but the Swallow with all His bravery, saves Jerry after removing His bandages. on top of a building, Tom activates an engine on top of a miniature airplane's wings to go after the Swallow and Jerry. Jerry sends up a bird decoy for Tom to chase, but the chase ends with Tom crashing into a church's bell, and landing on top of a fountain. Tom then sees a swarm of Swallows as They approach a begrudged Tom.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Bernie the Swallow, but in a yellow color.
  • It is partially based on the Tom and Jerry Classic, The Duck Doctor.

Voice Cast

  • David L. Lander as the Swallow
  • Gary Owens as Narrator

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