Head Banger Buddy
Season 2, Episode 1, Part 3 of 3

Written by

Patrick A. Ventura


Tom chases Jerry while being tailed by a Dog that thinks He's a Cat himself every time He's whapped on the Head.


Outside Tom's House a Chase Occurs as Tom is chasing Jerry through the backyard to the tune of "The Barber of Seville" where the run passed a sleeping dog, Fido. The chase wakes up the dog, but he soon goes back to sleep since the cat and mouse are now out of sight. Jerry returns to seek sanctuary near the dog but Tom is right behind him and runs over the dog which wakes him up. Fido doesn't seem to bright as he is quickly distracted from the chase by his dog bone. As Fido is about to take a bite of his bone, Tom and Jerry run passed but not before Tom grabs the bone to use on Jerry. Fido bites on nothing and loses his teeth. While Tom and Jerry are chasing, Fido is brooding and wait for their return. Jerry runs back towards the dog and runs up over his head which gives Tom the opportunity to bonk Fido on the head. The result is not what is excepted as Fido gets angry for a second then forgets that he is a dog and begins to act like a cat. Fido, thinking he's a cat, joins the chase with Tom to catch Jerry who has run up a tree. Tom and Fido climb the tree to a branch underneath Jerry only the branch can't support the weight of cat and dog and both come crashing down. On the ground the dog and cat Premise to stalk Jerry, but the branch they were standing on falls from the tree and knocks the dog back to his right thinking. Fido, now very angry, crushes Tom into a ball and bowls him into a cinder block wall. Soon after, Tom is again chasing Jerry who leads Tom into Fido's dog house. Jerry escapes through a hole in the dog house wall as Fido returns leaving Tom inside. Fido goes into his dog house and literally blows the roof off his house in rage at Tom. As Tom is about to get punched in the face, the dog house roof comes crashing down on Fido's head reverting him back to being a cat. The chase Jerry to his mouse hole where Tom grabs a golf club ready to smash Jerry, only he hits Fido on the head who goes back to being a dog. Fido uses the club on Tom who crashes into a tree and then runs off to chase Jerry again. However, Fido hot on their heels chasing the pair. Tom finds a iron horseshoe and throws it at Jerry but misses can causes a bunch of horseshoes to fly in the air and hit Fido in the head changing him back and forth. Fido ends up thinking he's a dog and chases Tom only to end up riding on a charcoal grill that rolls and captures all three combatants where they all crash into the side of the house. This results in Fido thinking he's a cat again, but also causes a flower pot to land on Jerry who "turns" into a monster mouse that chases both Tom and Fido up a tree. as Jerry eats the tree they're on.