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After his son is threatened by a burly beach bully, Spike defends his son and tries to find a way to defeat the bully.


At a beach, as Spike is setting up a spot, Tyke is playing with a beach ball as He trips over a beachgoer, whose body is buried in the sand, the beachgoer tells the pup to watch where He's going. When Tyke tried to apologize, Spike comes to see what the problem is, and the beachgoer suggested Tyke be given a licking, which Spike won't let Tyke be punished for an accident, and threatens the beachgoer. but when He gets up, the beachgoer is actually a muscleheaded bully, which scares Spike. the bully flings Spike to the ocean. but Spike will find a way to defeat the bully, somehow.

At Rocky's Gym, Spike tries to lift weights, which He does for a few seconds, until He falls through the floorboards, at the treadmill, Spike suggests His son to increase the speed, but the speed is too much for Him, and after Tyke turns off the treadmill, Spike grabs on to a pommel horse, grabs a bar making a couple of flips, and lands on a pad. and while His father was dazed, Tyke sees the beach bully, but Spike is thinking about leaving before too long, but the bully spots Him and was impatient to know when His offender can settle things. Tyke declares Tomorrow at the beach. as Spike tries to chicken out, the bully says that if Spike doesn't show at the beach, He'll come to Spike's house. Tyke then tells the bully directions, but his dad covers His mouth.

At the beach, thinking that the bully was nowhere to be found, Spike thought He was safe from a beating, but the bully whose head was under a bucket, and threw Spike to the ocean. as He gave a towel to Spike, Tyke tells Him that no one can beat Him at the style dog paddle, but is getting practice. back at the house, Spike aquires a box that contains an inflatable suit that can make someone appear strong. back at the beach, the bully at first scared, but sees a tag signifying Spike's "Muscles" as inflatable, which the bully punctures Spike's suit, after Spike pulls the bully's nose, lips, and ears.

At night, back home, Spike couldn't sleep and watches a TV program that can help Him defeat the bully, which is ballet, which Spike has an idea. back at the beach, Spike with a ballet suit, dances around as He kicks the bully's rear. the bully tries to retaliate, but Spike does ballet styles to evade, which works successfully. making the bully realize that He doesn't have the hang of it. as Spike teaches the bully ballet, Tyke, dissapointed, wondered what happened to macho as He looked at His father and the bully.

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