After Tom becomes toughened up by a Mouse-busting seminar to fight Jerry, the Mouse finds a bottle that contains a Mouse Genie.


Tom is chasing Jerry throughout the house when Jerry slips away from Tom in the kitchen. As Tom is recovering, a TV is blaring a commercial for Sgt. Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School where Sergeant Boffo berates Tom for not being able to catch a mouse. Tom heads to the school to get his training while Jerry follows close behind. Sergeant Boffo introduces the enemy to the class: a mouse. Then with the remote in his hand, he operates a robot mouse, which is used to represent a mouse they must defeat. The large cat comes first to attack the robot mouse, only knocking out the bolts and putting it into a mangled state. Tom then jumps in, thinking its his turn and grabs the head part of it, only extending the coil until it forces back and Tom ends up crashing into the wall, outraging Sergeant Boffo, telling him that his reflexes need work. So then Sergeant Boffo brings up another robot mouse, and the slim cat bows and grabs the robot mouse on the head and swings it back and forth by pummeling it on the ground, only to knock out some of the bolts. He bows once again, and then the robot mouse goes over to Tom, and as Tom attempts to bow, he accidentally bangs his head on the robot mouse's head and then falls down flat on the floor, angering Sergeant Boffo once again who tells Tom he needs more polish. Sergeant Boffo then orders his students to jump over the hurdle: the slim cat first, the large cat second, and then Tom, who ends up crashing into a wall. Sergeant Boffo then asks his three blackbelt students the "Boffo Motto", which they call out "Disguise, Surprise, and Demise, sir!" as Tom jumps in with a lamp shade on his head. Tom then jumps up and removes the lamp shade from his head, and kicks the third robot mouse with a sharp blow, and it finally disassembles itself. Sergeant Boffo then congratulates Tom and gives Tom the diploma. Tom then storms out of the school, leaving a hole in the window, leading to Sergeant Boffo to complain that he may be thinking of downgrading his career to a plumber's. Tom then returns home with more confidence and easily takes care of Jerry who ends up getting launched into the City Dump.

When Jerry lands at the dump, he knocks over a bottle and out comes a Mouse Genie, named Big Cheezy. Cheezy is very grateful to Jerry for getting him out of the bottle and decides to help Jerry out. When Jerry spurns a massive cheese banquet, the Cheezy realizes that Jerry has cat problems. Since a cat put Cheezy in a bottle, he helps Jerry get back at Tom and the two hatch a plan. Jerry sets the trap and Tom comes to pounce on Jerry only to have Cheezy arrive and pounce on Tom. Cheezy tells Jerry to call him with three claps if he's ever in trouble again. With this new confidence Jerry goes up to a TV watching Tom and causes trouble. Tom is about to strike Jerry when Cheezy shows up, but Tom is prepared for him. Tom uses a fireplace bellow to suck up Cheezy and place him in a bottle which he then puts at the top of a bookshelf. Tom then easily catches Jerry who is used as a tennis ball by Tom. As Jerry bounces around the room, the mouse ends up by Cheezy and rescues him. Tom ends up with a knuckle sandwich on the head and then Cheezy tells Jerry that he's tired of bottles, discarding it with a shatter. Cheezy then decides to move in with Tom and Jerry and orders a pizza, which he charges it to Jerry. then we iris out.



  • This episode's title is a play on the 1960s television series I Dream of Jeannie.
  • Sgt. Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School has four logos: the first that appears on the TV commercial is a play on the 1984 science-fiction movie Ghostbusters, the one that appears on the sign that hangs on the wall above the entrance and another on a poster that hangs on the wall inside the gymnasium are both similar but with no reference to Ghostbusters, and the one that hangs on the ceiling inside the gymnasium is only represented in words with no emblem.


Animation errors

  • The large cat's hands and feet are both tan, normally. When he first appears on the television screen warming up with the other two cats, his hands are dark brown like his fur. In the hurdle scene before he jumps over the hurdle, his hands and feet are both dark brown.
  • Also, the large cat's eye color switches from yellow to white and vice-versa in between shots.
  • When the gymnasium is first shown, there are no hanging objects other than a sign of the school that is only shown at a quarter. In the next shot in close-up where Sergeant Boffo operates the first robot mouse, monkey rings and a large punching bag with a mouse painted on it appear.
  • When Sergeant Boffo begins the lecture, when he walks to the stand with the chart, he is carrying the stick in his hands. When he turns around and flips the chart to reveal the mouse, the stick disappears and both of his hands are now empty; and then when he starts to operate the robot mouse, he produces a remote out of nowhere.
  • After Tom first joins the group after donning a keikogi, the large cat appears pantless. In the first shot of him being pantless, the lower half of his body has his primary fur white like his pants, then the fur color is corrected in the close-up shot while Sergeant Boffo powers up the radio-controlled robot mouse, and then when he dashes to the mouse to attack it, his pants are back on and for the rest of the episode.
  • Also, the large cat's whiskers are missing in the shot where Sergeant Boffo first begins the lecture, but reappear in the next shot in close-up where Sergeant Boffo operates the first robot mouse.
  • When the large cat attacks the first robot mouse, his wrists are tan like his hands instead of the usual dark brown.
  • When the slim cat grabs the second robot mouse, his left eye changes to orange in one of the animation frames and then immediately back to white; and then when he swings the robot mouse back and forth by pummeling it on the floor, the middle-sized cat's feet are white.
  • When Tom accidentally hits his head on the second robot mouse in an attempt to bow, the middle-sized cat's hands are tan like his fur.
  • Sergeant Boffo's fangs appear and disappear in between animation sequences, especially with his lips closed.
  • When Sergeant Boffo orders his students to jump over the hurdle, the hurdle's stripes are gray and white. In the next shot where the slim cat, large cat, and Tom jump over the hurdle, the hurdle's stripes are now red and white.
  • Right before Tom jumps over the hurdle, his pants are missing. When he jumps over the hurdle, his pants are back on.

Premise holes

  • People around the large cat's weight or heavier wouldn't be able to run very fast or jump very high, but he somehow makes it over the hurdle without difficulty.
  • When Tom attacks the third robot mouse, he strikes the trunk part of it and then the head comes apart first, then the trunk with its mechanical parts shooting out, and then the arms, and then it collapses to the floor. However, if struck on the trunk, the trunk part would actually have to be the first to disassemble itself before the rest.
  • In the end, Cheezy decides to move into to Tom and Jerry's house and tosses his home bottle and it shatters, and he survives. However, in most stories, destruction of a bottle or lamp would actually cost the genie's life, as they're made to reside in those magical containers.