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Jerry's Personal Devil, sick and tired of Him being humiliated by Tom, possesses Him to not only deal excessive justice against the Kitten, but also cause chaos in the Neighborhood.


In the backyard, Tom is chasing Jerry which went on for a few seconds until Tom manages to grab the mouse, shakes Him up until His face turned green, and then, throws Him back to the mousehole. Humiliated and defeated, Jerry gets up from His ordeal, and gets startled by His personal Devil's appearance. His Devil becomes dejected of Jerry being caught and humiliated, forces Him to take revenge. Jerry shrugs it off and walks away, His Devil angry that He was being ignored, possesses Him. the Devil realizing that He has the power to possess other animals, decides that He wants to possess Tom to do evil deeds. but since He can't get out of Jerry's body, He decides to cause chaos and calamity to the neighborhood, in Jerry's body, but with little to no success. like Scaring Tim in the city, Kicking Spike's foot harmlessly, and knocking over aluminum soda cans in an alley.

Tom starts to get bored from watching TV, decides to mess with Jerry, but when He looks inside the mousehole, Jerry wasn't there! Tom feeling bad from His treatment of Jerry, searches the house, and then the neighborhood to look for Him but before He even got out of the house, Tom's personal Devil told Him that the mouse got what He deserved, as Tom's angel tries to get Tom to look for Jerry. Tom feeling conflicted, is on His knees, Tom's angel sees Jerry but becomes surprised after realizing that Jerry's Devil is possessing the mouse, encourages Tom to grab Jerry. and Tom does that, however, Jerry's Devil plucks one of Tom's whiskers, forcing Him to drop the mouse. as the chase went on, Tom with help of His personal angel, and hinderance of Tom's Devil, chase the Mouse all over the alleys, with little success. of course Tom's Angel, fed up with Tom's devil ruining everything, ties Up the Devil. but after Jerry escaped, Tom thought of a great idea and whispers it to His personal angel.

At a Food Fair, Tom lures the Possessed Jerry inside and toward a tent full of Cheeses from all over the world. The possessed Jerry sees a fire extinguisher and was about to use it as a blunt weapon against Tom, He sees the Cheeses, and tries to fight off the Devil, Jerry breaks free as His Devil is on His rear. but just as Jerry's Devil was about to possess Tom, Jerry's Personal Angel comes, stops Jerry's devil and motions Tom's Angel to let Tom's Devil have a change of heart to chase the Devil Mouse away. as Jerry's Angel shakes hands with Tom's Angel. as Jerry celebrates His freedom by eating the Cheeses and shakes Tom's index finger as a sign of friendship.

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