Jerry's Mother
Season 2, Episode 3, Part 1 of 3

Written by

Patrick A. Ventura

Jerry has a tough time getting food from the kitchen, because of Tom, so his herculean mom helps him deal with the kitten.


Jerry is in the kitchen making himself a waffle in the toaster. When the waffle is done it shoots through the air and Tom, sitting in a kitchen cabinet above the toaster, pops out and eats the flying waffle. He then tries to chase Jerry but falls on his face instead. Next, we see Jerry at the fridge putting together a very large sandwich, but Tom pops out of a kitchen draw and swallows the sandwich whole. Jerry runs off and we then see Jerry back at the fridge drinking milk from a very long straw. Tom sees this, takes the straw and sucks Jerry into the straw right before Tom spits Jerry out like a spit ball right into his mouse hole.

As Jerry is recovering, there is a knock on his door and in comes his New York accented mother who scolds him for not calling more often or visiting and for being so skinny and not eating. Jerry points to Tom, who is shuffling pieces of bread, cheese and deli meat, as the reason for her son's lack of food intake. Jerry's mother is none to please to learn that Tom has been preventing Jerry from eating. Jerry's mom goes out to Tom and proceeds to scold him fiercely and before Tom can do anything Jerry's mom spins Tom right out the kitchen through a window. Jerry is now free to eat anything in the kitchen...for now. Jerry is delighted and heads to eat an apple only he is thumped by Tom who chases him right towards Jerry's mother. Jerry gets away and Tom gets his tail handed to him by Jerry's mom. As Tom as dangling from the piano he got thrown in by Jerry's mom, He determines that Jerry's Mom has got to go.

Cut to Jerry's mouse hole and his mom has brought him some spaghetti to eat, meanwhile Tom drags over a mega speaker in an attempt to blast the mice out with sound. This doesn't work as the Parent and Son has earmuffs on. Tom is frustrated, kicks the speaker over and while looking into the mouse hole. Jerry's mom comes out and blasts Tom with a trumpet. Jerry's mom tells Jerry that he is free to go enjoy anything in the kitchen now. So as Jerry returns with a cupcake in hand, Tom blocks his way to Jerry's mouse hole with a dresser. Tom takes Jerry's cupcake, but out of one of the drawer's comes Jerry's mom, who then scolds the Kitten into returning the cupcake.

Tom then waits around a corner with an open suitcase and as the mice family turns said corner, Tom captures them. He then proceeds to place the suitcase in several successfully larger suitcase and then pushes the suitcase out sea. Tom returns to the kitchen and gorges himself on everything. The mice return from a "lovely cruise" and Jerry's mom decides that everyone including Tom, who has gained a lot of weight, needs to have a sixteen course dinner. As Tom's girth increases at this dinner, Jerry's mom laments at how skinny Tom is and says that she has to extend her visit for six more months to make sure everyone is eating enough.


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  • This is one of the very few episodes where Tom enters obesity. In other episodes, he remains lean.


  • After Jerry's mom grabs Tom's tail, before she thrashed him, his eyes are white instead of yellow.

Voice Cast

  • Sally Struthers as Jerry's Mom