Jerry puts on a disguise of a tiny kitten to enroll Tom and 8 other characters to compete against Team McWolf.


At a baseball diamond, Team McWolf has heavily injured Team Jerry of all the players, but Coach Jerry, refusing to accept defeat by forfeit, whispers to the umpire to give him 10 minutes to assemble a new team, which he does, but realizes that he'd be chased if he encounters a cat in any house, so Jerry goes to a costume store, getting a tiny cat costume, and then going house to house in the neighborhood, and got help from little Tom, Dripple, (with Droopy's permission) Tyke, Karl, Cindy-Lou, Tim, Lucy, and Mary-Lou. (with Jerry as pinch-hitter) and with 30 seconds to spare.

With a new game starting with Tim up to bat, tried to hit the ball but failed to, thrice, resulting an out for Team Jerry. Tyke goes up to bat, but McWolf spits on the ball, and throws, and just as Tyke was about to hit the ball, the ball spits in Tyke's face, and swings wildly, resulting another out. Karl goes up to bat, but the McWolf pitcher accidentally hits Karl on the shoulder, letting Karl take first base. Lucy goes up to bat and hits the ball near out of the field, and as Karl runs to second base, Lucy runs like crazy as she grab Karl and they both get to home base. Karl becomes shaky as he kisses Lucy, then passes out. Cindy-Lou goes next, but couldn't swing resulting a third out. As the teams switched sides, with Mary-Lou as Team Jerry's pitcher. The McWolf team goes on a rampage in the first five innings, getting 3 runs as Team Jerry tries to keep ahead and counter as many of McWolf's tricks as possible.

At the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded. The scores are: Team McWolf, 19, Team Jerry, 15. Jerry takes off his kitten disguise after he calls for a desperation play, to the surprise of Team Jerry's cats. Tim tries to run away, but he crashes into a wall. As Jerry steps up to bat, McWolf throws, but since Jerry was too small and won't swing, he gets four balls and took his base. As Dripple reaches home, the score is: McWolf, 19, Jerry, 16. With little Tom up to bat, he gets 2 strikes, but with Team Jerry's encouragement and Jerry's endless taunting, little Tom swings at the ball with all his might, breaking the bat in th process, and chases Jerry all over the bases. Dripple and Cindy-Lou reach home, and so does Jerry and Tom. The final score is: McWolf, 19, Jerry, 20. Team McWolf gripe and cry. However, Team Jerry wins the baseball trophy, without Tom and Jerry, because the kitten continues to chase the mouse far over the horizon...


For the transcript of Jerry at the Bat, click here.


  • The episode, Battered Up, might be a reference to this episode.
  • Bright Eyes and Whopper from the 1986 Cartoon, Pound Puppies make a crowd appearance.