Chino returns and drags a sleeping Tom outside in the snow, forcing Jerry to deal with the the deceitful kitten.


At Tom's house, the neighborhood is covered with snow, and in the Living Room, Tom is sleeping in His bed as Jerry sneaks to the kitchen for a snack, He then hears a door open, and to His surprise, the mouse sees an Orange kitten with a red cap and crimson scarf. it was Chino (from "Who are You Kitten") who sneaks to Tom's bed, dragging it outside with Tom in it, and locking the door, so Tom can't get back in. Jerry witnesses Chino's cruel deed as He tries to hide in the mousehole. outside, Tom wakes up cold, and tries to get back in, but to no avail. so, He drew a message on Paper along with a crudely-drawn picture of Chino that says, "This Kitten on this artist's rendering who claimed to be an orphan just locked out a fellow kitten. send a message to this kitten's mother to know where He is and what He did. signed, anonymous. P.S. I'll need to borrow Your quick-photo-developing camera but I'll return it before daybreak.". Tom then, sneaks inside Spike and Tyke's house and places the paper in Tyke's paw and slightly wakes Him, as Tom exits the house with the camera while He tries to get in His house again.

back at the house, Jerry sees Chino watching TV with a lot of food and the mouse sneaks to another mouse hole that says "In case of emergency". but is exposed when Tom takes a picture of Chino lazing, making Chino react and sees Jerry after seeing the window which was empty. Chino then chases Jerry to the Dining Room, where He pulls a cloth, and no plates, forks, or knives fell off. Jerry applauds, as Chino tried to pounce the mouse. in the kitchen, as Chino searches for Jerry, the mouse pours a bottle of Water on Chino's head, making Him all wet. Chino became angry as He slowly advanced on the mouse, in the Billiard Room, Chino sees Jerry run up the table and hid in one of the 6 holes. Chino grabs a cue and uses it as a golf club to putt the 6 balls into each hole until Jerry says "Ow". in the left corner pocket. another camera flash happened as Chino looks left, and sees nothing beyond a window. Chino tries to grab Jerry, but the mouse comes out of another hole and bites Chino's tail, making Him yowl in pain. Tom takes a picture as He snickers at Jerry's trick, but Chino spots Tom at the window, with a camera. so He goes outside to destroy the evidence, along with the Camera. Jerry tries methods to help Tom lose His pursurer, but with Tom cornered, Chino tries to force Tom to give Him the Camera, So, He can smash it to pieces, Tom refuses, making Chino about to use force. but a gray paw taps Chino's shoulder who turns around and sees a begrudged Tyke, tapping His foot. Chino runs away as Tom thanks Tyke and returns the Camera to Him, Grateful that Tom kept His word, Tyke sees the Pictures of Chino's Misdeeds. Tyke tells Tom to keep the pictures after all the pain He went through and that He earned them, as Tom goes to the city.

Morning came, and Tom in the living room (covered with a towel with His feet in a water basin) reads a Newspaper saying that Chino is awaiting Punishment from His Parents. Tom thanks Jerry by letting Him shake His index finger as we iris out, but we iris in on Spike's Kitchen who's reading the newspaper, Spike sees the Newspaper and suggests that Tyke could be a photographer. making Tyke say "perhaps". We iris out halfway as Tyke thinks, but says "Nah." and the screen blacks out.

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