Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel, a clumsy Superhero Squirrel with Lightning powers, protects Jerry from Tom.


In Tom's backyard, Tom comes outside with a croquet mallet and Jerry in his hands, so Tom lets Him go in the croquet field, Tom whacks the croquet balls to tail Jerry and have Him balance on them and Tom grabs an exhausted Jerry. then somewhere in the sky, disguised as a cloud, lives the Super Squirrel named Lightning Bolt. The Super Squirrel witnesses Tom tormenting Jerry and zooms off to the rescue. once Lightning Bolt was near enough to aim a Lightning Bolt at Tom, He throws it at a satellite dish, and gets hit by His own projectile and lands in a garbage can. but as Tom uses Jerry as a makeshift tee to hold four croquet balls as the Kitten whacks them. Lightning Bolt using a scope from between His toes to better aim the target fires a bolt at Tom's tail, hitting Him, and Lightning Bolt saving Jerry. Tom realizing that His tail tip is still burning sits on a birdbath to sooth His tail. but just as Lightning Bolt was making distance away from Tom, He is snagged by a clothes wire, throwing Him like a slingshot through Tom's house, after Tom grabs Jerry.

As Tom tries to escape, Lightning Bolt zaps Tom and rescues Jerry. on top of a pole. Tom, however tries to bring down the pole with the Squirrel and Jerry on it uses a chainsaw to tear down the pole. Lightning Bolt however uses His powers to reverse the falling of the pole and has it falling on Tom. the kitten tries to escape by riding on a skateboard and into the house. the pole misses, narrowly missing Tom by less than a foot. but the roof fell on top of Tom's head. Lightning Bolt wanting to give Tom the message of leaving Jerry alone, throws a lightning Bolt at Him, Tom runs and hides inside Fido's doghouse. Tom grabs the Bolt and flings it back at the Super Squirrel, who flings it back at Tom, but the bolt explodes, causing Fido's doghouse to fall apart. as Fido was about to pursue Tom, the Dog is stopped by Lightning Bolt. Fido grabs one of Lightning Bolt's bolts and accidentally zapped His own foot. of course, Fido apologized to the Super Squirrel for losing His temper.

Later, We see Tom, Jerry, and Fido wearing Lightning Bolt's Superhero outfits, and The Super Squirrel tells His new members to protect the Hapless and innocent. and as Lightning Bolt zooms away into the distance, the Three use Their new lightning bolt powers to start chasing each other, and ends with Jerry zapping Tom and Fido, and at Our point of view, Jerry throws a bolt at the screen, blacking it out with smoke.

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