This is a list of characters who appear in the Tom and Jerry Kids Show.

Principal Characters:

  • Tom Cat: The first of the two main characters who chases Jerry.
  • Jerry Mouse: The second of the two main characters and pursued by Tom.
  • Droopy Dog: The almost sorrowful Basset Hound from the 40's cartoon series of his own and the first of the two main characters of Droopy, Master Detective.
  • Dripple Dog: Droopy's son and shares his father's traits, but intelligent and seductive with women; and the second of the two main characters of Droopy: Master Detective.
  • McWolf: Based on Tex Avery's version of the Wolf and the main antagonist of the Droopy & Dripple segments.
  • Spike: A bulldog who is slightly older, and still in god terms with His son, Tyke.
  • Tyke: The son of Spike who has a speaking role, unlike his MGM counterpart.
  • Clyde: A tall, obese, and klutzy cat.
  • Kyle: A scrawny, but mangy cat.
  • Miss Vavoom: The lascivious character, modeled after Red Hot Riding Hood and Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • The Mouse Scouts: Composed of three mice named Moxie, Mootsow, and Meep.
  • Calaboose Cal: A large, blond cat who works as an exterminator on mice, but also hosts shows and competitions.
  • Slowpoke Antonio: Jerry's rope-wrangling cousin from Texas.
  • Wild Mouse: A feral mouse who was raised by wolves.
  • Bernie Bird: The medically-challenged swallow.

Exclusively in Droopy, Master Detective

  • Screwball Squirrel: Based on Tex Avery's version cartoon character from the 40s of his own and wears a red shirt, and sometimes a Napoleon hat.
  • Dweeble: The German city park guard modeled after the 40's cartoon.
  • Rumpley: Dweeble's guard dog and is the almost villian of Screwball Squirrel psegments.

Minor and One-Time Characters

Exclusive to Droopy, Master Detective

  • Fifi: Rumpley's girlfriend, a pink poodle.
  • Misty Mouse: a Girl Mouse used to allure Wild Mouse Lovingly.
  • Rotten Pierre: the cowardly poodle, with a French accent.
  • Rosanne the Cat: A Strong and Rotund Bully Cat.
  • Thundergut the Super Squirrel: the anti-hero of Lightning Bolt the Super Squirrel.
  • Miss Mysterious: the mysterious female detective who can help the master detectives Droopy and Dripple on a mysterious mission. Based on the Fictional Thief, Carmen Sandiego.
  • Madtuna: modeled based upon real world singer, Madonna, the sea villainess who stole the golden conch shell from a Sea King just to rule the oceans.
  • Bloodfather and the Monster Mob: the leader of the monster mob they're the bad guys, now they become hip-hop band along with his attendance Count Crookula, Frankenator, Crummy McMummy and Zombina.
  • Shadowman: the crazed villian who really is a shadow who steals everything and disguises any shadow objects.