Kid Tom and Kid Jerry Locations

Department Store:

Tom's Yellow House: A Locale where most of Tom and Jerry's chases take place

Toy City:

The Boardwalk:

Golf Course:

Snowy Mountains:

The Circus:

KAT-TV: A TV Station where Calaboose Cal once promoted His Mouse-busting inventions.

Witch's Mansion:

The Desert:

The Boat Docks:

Cindy-Lou's House: Next-Door from Tom's House Across the Street.

Cat and Mouse Chase School: A School where kittens and mice learn about chase and evasion.

San Juan Mission in Capistrano:

Sgt. Boffo's Ferocious Feline Mouse-Bashing School: A martial arts school for cats to embrace their efforts in bashing mice. Its logo is a parody of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters.

Droopy and Dripple Locations

The Lost Dutch Boy Mine

Droopy's Pizza

McWolf's Eye-Popping Pizza

Droopy's Gym

McWolf's Gym


Droobert's Mansion

McWolfenstein's Castle

Spike and Tyke Locations

Spike and Tyke's House: In the First Season it was White, but in Later Seasons, it becomes Blue.

KXYZ TV Station

Apartments: Where' Tyke's Grandmother Lives, along with other Patrons named after Fairy Tale Characters.

Ellen's Pets: A Pet Shop.

National Forest: Where Spike and Tyke Hike, and Met Moncy the Cougar

Other Locations

The Beach

Hokey Finokey Swamp: The home of Sheriff Potgut and at one occasion, Wild Mouse's home. This was also the hometown of Swampy Fox.

Chili Bean, Texas: Hometown of Slowpoke Antonio, Jerry's cousin.

Hollywood, California: The Place Where Tom competed for $1 million in cash and prizes and won.