Jerry helps out Marvin, a cat actor who just got replaced by Tom as the mascot of the Slurpo TV commercials.


Outside, Jerry spies a carton of milk and tries to take it back to his home, but Tom takes the carton away and plays tennis with Jerry. A man inside a limousine sees Tom and is amazed. He then introduces himself as the producer of the Slurpo commercials. After crossing out Marvin's picture on the can, the producer tells Tom to show up tomorrow for a screen test. At a studio, Marvin is getting ready for a commercial, but the producer tells Marvin that he is fired. Marvin, unfazed, tells the producer that if he is fired, there will be no more Slurpo commercials. That is until the producer introduces Tom as the new star. Marvin is then thrown off the set. Tom shows the producer Jerry, but as soon as Tom shows him a can of Slurpo, Jerry is out of Tom's paw and runs away. Jerry is then caught and trapped. The producer amazed, shows Tom a contract for $1,000 per day and Tom signs the contract. As soon as Tom leaves, Jerry meets Marvin, who asks Jerry that they should get even with Tom together. During the commercial, Tom tries out the product, unaware that Marvin and Jerry are sabotaging the commercial. Tom then chases Jerry in a safe, unaware that Marvin is inside. The producer was depressed by the shooting and wished that he has Marvin back, not before Marvin shows up. The producer apologizes to Marvin and will give him a raise. Later, Tom, in crutches, serves Jerry and Marvin food.