Tom chases Jerry in an arcade, but encounters some zap men in the way.


Tom is at it again chasing Jerry, this time, through a boardwalk carnival that is closed for the night. Jerry ducks into the carnival's arcade where Tom follows him, goes inside through an open window, and turns the Arcade's power on. as Tom searches for Jerry, He encounters a mechanical cowboy that challenges him to a dual but ends up squirting a very frightened Tom with water. Jerry laughs at Tom's misfortune, but also blew His cover with Tom chasing Him. Jerry hides inside the skeeball game and escapes being hit in the 100 and 200 holes, but Tom manages to whack Jerry in the 500 hole. Tom grabs Jerry by the tail but holds one of the skeeballs and drops it on Tom's foot, making Tom hold His foot in pain, and allowing Jerry to escape. at the strength test game, Tom shows off his video game level prowess, using a big mallet to ring the bell with Jerry flattened into a coin. Jerry. now flattened into a coin, is taken by Tom to an arcade game, "Zap Men", and inserts Jerry into the coin slot which somehow puts Jerry into the game.

(Old Atari, Battlestar Galactica, and other familiar sound effects come through in this cartoon which is fun). Jerry is being chased around a game grid that is strikingly familiar to Pac-Man. Jerry outmanoeuvres his digital opponents controlled by Tom after ducking the Zapmen's lasers destroying them in the crossfire. Tom angry from Jerry defeating the Zapmen and taunting the kitten, that he beats down on the game box that it shorts out and electrocutes Tom. Jerry climbs out of the arcade machine wreckage and lands on a dazed Tom's Stomach, which wakes him up. as Tom continues to chase Jerry again. the Zap Men climb out of the wreckage of their game and follow Tom and Jerry. Tom manages to grab Jerry, but the Zap Men arrive and bite down Tom's tail, making Him yowl in pain, and freeing Jerry. The Zap Men now begin to chase Tom and Jerry where the duo hide in a Hall of Mirrors.

Inside, Jerry looks at some trick Mirrors, and sees Himself with a wavy scalp, a bowling pin body, and a big head. Tom looks at a trick Mirror and sees Himself with a limp body and long neck. The Zap Men arrive and attempt to bite down on Tom's tail again, but Tom manages to escape as He grabs Jerry away from them. The Zapmen and are muddled by all the reflections taunting them, but they shoot out all the mirrors and expose the Pair. The cat and mouse end up hiding behind the mechanical cowboy. The cowboy is now all riled up and angry, challenging the Zap Men to a shoot out. The Zapmen confer and then shoot the cowboy's hat, before He finished saying "Three". The cowboy sprays water at the Zapmen, shorting them out and blow them to pieces. Tom and Jerry shake hands, and walk away only to be shot with the cowboy's water pistols...repeatedly.


  • Zap-Man is a play on the 1980 arcade game Pac-Man.


Animation Errors

  • After Tom activates the arcade game, Jerry can be seen without his signature red bowtie.
  • When Tom gets the Zap Men to zap Jerry, Tom's eyes are white instead of yellow.
  • After Tom starts playing the game, the joysticks have thick grips; but then change to being slim with spherical grips.
  • As Tom plays Jerry in the game, His eyes become White.

Errors in machinery

  • When Tom plays Zap-Man, he uses both joysticks to play the game. However, arcade cabinets in real life are designed to have the left joystick as Player 1's turn and the right joystick as Player 2's turn. They're also designed to have their own corresponding buttons to start the game by choosing how many players will play and to continue playing if losing all their chances (where coins must be inserted as well).

Voice Cast

  • Frank Welker as Robot Cowboy, and Zap Men