McWolf is the main antagonist of the "Droopy and Dripple" segments, and one of the most recurring villains in the show. His character is based on Tex Avery's Wolf from Red Hot Riding Hood and other shorts. Like Tom and Jerry, he is voiced by Frank Welker.


McWolf's only purpose in life is to be first at everything, take over the world, and make Droopy and Dripple's life miserable, and sometimes wants to remain with Miss Vavoom.

In many episodes, he ends up defeated. However, he does have a few good endings, such as those in "A Thousand Clones", "The Fabulous Droopy and Dripple", "Fear of Flying", and "Right Brother Droopy".

According to "Eradicator Droopy", one of his favorite foods is broccoli, to the point that Droopy mentions that it is his "weakness". This is strengthened further in episodes such as "Twelve Angry Sheep", in which he mentions that broccoli pie is his favorite dessert, and "Round 'em up, Bub", in which he asks the police if they still serve broccoli on Saturdays. Ironically, broccoli is one of the most hated foods by people.

McWolf is also a skilled musician with a variety of instruments. It is revealed in "Scrapheap Symphony" that he can play the flute.


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The similarity

  • In Cleocatra, there is a character similar to him, but he looks more like the Chubby Man than the normal McWolf himself and has a shorter nose length.
  • McWolf is the only recurring character (other than the main characters) to appear in both of the openings.


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