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McWolf is the main antagonist of the "Droopy and Dripple" segments, and a recurring character in the Tom & Jerry Kids Show. His character is based on the wolf from Red Hot Riding Hood, and like Tom and Jerry, he is voiced by Frank Welker.


McWolf is a bad and cruel wolf whose only mission is to ruin the life of Droopy and Dripple (and sometimes to remain with Miss Vavoom)[1]. He does have a few good endings, such as those in "A Thousand Clones", "The Fabulous Droopy and Dripple", "Fear of Flying", and "Right Brother Droopy".


Tom & Jerry Kids

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Droopy, Master Detective


  • According to "Eradicator Droopy" and "Twelve Angry Sheep", he likes to eat broccoli. Droopy mentions that it is his weakness. In contrast, broccoli is known to be the most hated vegetable.

The similarity

  • In Cleocatra, there is a character similar to him, but he looks more like the Chubby Man than the normal McWolf himself and has a shorter nose length.
  • According to Droopy's Rhino, he is considered a rare wolf (probably he's rare because he talks and wolves are endangered nowadays).
  • McWolf is the only recurring character (other than the main characters) to appear in both of the openings.


Tom & Jerry Kids

Droopy, Master Detective

Sources and Footnotes

  2. The only time in which he is not the antagonisy.
  3. One of the few times he wins.
  4. One of the few times he wins.


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