Jerry takes Undine to His mouse hole to recover from Her tail injury, but when the bandages are off...


Jerry arrives at the beach at Early morning via skateboard, and encounters Undine as He was about to sunbathe, but His joy turns to horror when He sees Her tail Injury. So, He uses His beach towel to cover Her lower half, but since Undine needs to stay hydrated, Jerry gets a small fishbowl from the lost and found, fills it with water, and places it on Undine's head. with that, accomplished, Jerry transports Undine back home to the Mouse hole.

After returning home in the afternoon, Jerry wraps up Undine's tail with bandages and is placed into a fish tank for Her to rest, and as He watches over Undine, Jerry dozes off. once Jerry wakes up at 6 PM, He looks at Undine, bored out of Her mind, so, He goes into His room, and wears a scuba-diving suit, and comes inside the fish tank to just to keep Her entertained, after which, She kissed Jerry, as She comes out of the water for fresh air. The next morning, Jerry pushes a Pocket TV in front of Undine to show Her the magic of Television and gives Her a roll of bandages in case She was injured anywhere else and leaves the room. as She watches a documentary of the first life form out of water, which allowed said life to evolve, breathe fresh air, and gain legs. which gives Undine an Idea of trying to become a land mouse like Jerry. at first, She tries to evolve Her tail into legs, but was still injured and the bandages restricted Her tail, so She decides to wait it out.

Three Days passed, and after Jerry removes Her tail bandages, He becomes surprised when She has grown legs, but still has Her Mermouse Tail, which got smaller. and She informs Him that She wants to live with Jerry, in which He accepts. some time later, after some exercising, Undine's Mermouse tail got smaller and smaller until it's a normal mouse tail, Jerry proposes to Undine, and She accepts with Tim as the Priest, Who scaredly says His lines to Undine and Jerry. and as the Both of Them Kissed, the scene becomes like an Art Painting, as it turns out that Jerry was telling His custom Tale to Undine, (Still a Mermouse) whom are at a rock, somewhere at the Ocean near the beach. after the story, Undine Kisses Jerry for a great story, who passes out, beaming.

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